Most popular Potted Flower ?

organic__bandyFebruary 10, 2005

Greetings everyone, first time poster. I was just wondering, as far as sales go what the most popular potted flower is at markets? I dont have time to grow vegetables for market as im growing another business but i do have space and time for a single variety flower or plant. I have a market less than 1 mile that is heavily visited. i am also thinkink of using a local online comunity to market through. Any feed back would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure what the most popular potted plant is at Farmers' Markets. I'm not even sure if I've ever seen anyone at Farmers' Markets growing but ONE type of potted flower.

But I do know that the most popular potted flower in the nursery busines is geranium (Pelargonium).

There are seed strains available for those who want to "grow their own" (you?) and there are vegetative types available (as plug-rooted cuttings, simple rooted cuttings, and un-rooted cuttings).

The seed strains are adequate and would be enough to get you started. If you do well in your first year or two, I'm sure you'll move up to the vegetative types.


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I don't take many annual type except fancy coleus and in 1 gal. unusual annuals like south african foxglove,cat whiskers,lopeza,ect.but most want perennials. My best selling perennial would be daylilies. I do take some house plants with fancy leaf begonias being the top sellers.I also take african violets and flame violets but they're slow to move.This year I'm adding small leafed-ivy plants in 5" pots to the house plants I sell.Wanted to try yellow impatients but they're cost prohibited.


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CorysProduce(z7 Maryland)

I know at the stand geraniums and mums are by far the most popular potted plants

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