Sweet Peas?

florida-belle(SWFL - Zone 10)November 1, 2013

Forgive me if I'm using the wrong name, but has anyone had any luck growing sweet peas (yes, the vegetable) in zone 10? I'm in Port Charlotte (FL) and new to vegetable gardening. If they're difficult to grow in my zone, perhaps you could suggest some easy-to-grow vegetables for fall.

Thanks in advance!

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Since sweet pea is normally asoociated with the ornamental Lathyrus odoratus which is toxic, I would prefer that you use the name English pea or garden pea. According to the University of Florida they should be planted in your area September -February. In this area of Georgia I plant late November - February with good results.

Here is a link that might be useful: English peas in Florida

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zackey(GA 8b)

What area of Georgia are you in Farmerdill? I'm in 8b GA and I never seem to get my peas in on time. The Univ. of Fl. recommends January, but I'm ready to plant in December now. It gets too hot before they are finished in May.

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Augusta. In th e photo above, the large blossoming plants were planted thansgiving, those just to right mid December, and the little ones to the right of onions February 1. All did exceedingl well this year.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I'm like zackey. I'm in 7b SC and I never seem to get my peas in on time either!

Fall planting doesn't work for me at all.

If I plant in late Feb. and the weather cooperates I get some. But it seems to go from too cold for germination and growth, then it gets too hot for making peas.

I had perfect weather for growing this spring, but it was too wet to get them planted! I have built a raised bed just for peas, for next year. I plan to sprout them before planting.

People that say that they don't like English peas have never ate them fresh from the garden! It is one of my favorites!

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