Unknown Plant

Grief_TacticJuly 18, 2012

This Plant grows pretty wild down the street and one of the smaller sprouts easily survived the transplant to the edge on the garden a month ago but it has gotten very large very fast from inches to this... PLZ help me Identify this one...

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Kalanchoe, aka pregnant plant..I will post proper name in the morning.. Wish I knew how to post pictures, I would love for you to see the version I have

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Mother of Millions or Mother of Thousands (which are different, but may as well be the same) Also known as Chandelier Plant. Invasive, considered a weed in many areas. My advice is if you want to keep it, put it in a pot in a screened porch to contain the literally thousands to millions of seeds it will drop in one season. The babies will be everywhere, and grow to 4 feet tall in one season as well.
I got one of these as a "gift," and once I found out what it is and what it does, I dug it up and potted it... I picked every single baby out of surrounding pots and beds... in the lawn. Here we are a week or so later and still, every single morning there are more of them everywhere.

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