Bloodgood Japanese Maple

ptfluteMarch 25, 2013

We recently took down a row of Bradford Pears that lined our driveway because that were a mess... messy looking, smelling and ruined our driveway with roots. Our landscaper told us to replace them with the Bloodgood Japanese Maple.
Our question is two fold...
Will this be a good choice for a full sun area in Georgia heat and will their roots be a problem after we get the driveway repaired from the previous cracking and heaving from the Bradford pear roots?

We were going to get two and place them 15-20 feet apart and put lorapetalums on either side and in the middle.

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A Japanese maple would not be my first choice for a very sunny position in Georgia but they could work. The foliage will green out some in summer in your sun and intense heat may also pose a factor. Adequate deep irrigation should counteract that.

Japanese maple do not have invasive root systems so they should not be a concern with respect to the drive.

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