Bloodgood frostbit last year .... dead limbs

anti_lawnman(z6)March 26, 2008

Our bloodgood took a hit from a bad frost last april.

Through the spring and summer is had some leaves on the tree but did not look great like it normally does.

I can see that some of the limbs look dead but not exactly sure.

What should I do to give it the best chance at making a comeback??? prune?? I am new at tree pruning.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I would wait asnd see what comes back if you are not sure can trinm them off this summer if dead you will know by june at the latest likely before ...other than that unless your tree is a twig don't give size, or otherwise diseased it should be fine if it leafs out this spring ...remember this is a LATE spring for many of us ..( you don't say where you are located ) ... I don't see bud break in this area for another two weeks here on most JM's including BG and possibly ltr...I am in central Il is one week ahead generally ...going south add another 1-2 weeks ...but there are areas in zone 6 with already breaking it all depends ...what ever a damaged tree may take a bit of time to come out this spring and there is also a chance it comes out and then Kaputs if there is enough damage and it didn't store enough energy last summer ... so waiting til mid june is best for most everyone in this situation.IMHO.David

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I am in central Ky and the tree size is about 9 ft.

I will wait until JUne.

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