Red Maple

vikingboy2013March 18, 2011

I am growing a red maple bonsai in zone 9b/10a. How do I induce the tree to go dormant, and does it really need dormancy? I was thinking I could have it outside in spring and summer and bring it indoors to temperatures in the 70s.

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What kind of red maple? Acer rubrum or a red leafed form of Japanese maple?

Truth be told, it doesn't make a big difference except for suitablity for bonsai. Trees native to temperate climates - both of those mentioned - DO require a period of dormancy to survive long term. In your climate, leaving them outdoors in winter should accomplish that sufficiently. Bringing them indoors in winter at temperatures that remain comfortable for humans will not.

Experiencing a dormant period is a natural part of the plant's life cycle and to prevent that from occurring on a routine basis will shorten the lifespan, sometimes substantially.

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