Don't discard molded JM seeds!

marchela(Z6, NJ)March 18, 2008

I wanted to try to grow JM from seeds just for fun. I purchased the seeds from an ebay seller, and followed the provided instructions. To my disappointment, when a month later I took the bags from the fridge to check it, I discovered that all seeds were covered in a white substance - mold. The fist thought was "OK, I lost 10 bucks, lets throw them to the garbade.." But then I though "what if...". I opened zippered bags, put them back to the fridge, and forgot about them. It was month and a half ago. A week ago I checked the bags again. O my God! There were SOOOO.. many sprouted seeds! I planted those seeds and they are now about 0.5 - 1 inch. And I have even more sprouted seeds in bags now. So, never discard any molded seeds - you never know! Just want to add that I didn't use any fungicide, as was recommended on this forum, and I used potting soil for African Violets! :)

Was I just lucky?

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It will not generally stop them from sprouting, but we can often lose them later if fusarium or botrytis (spelling?) are present. Try to keep them from staying to moist after you have sewn them and that should help keep it from becoming a problem.

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marchela(Z6, NJ)


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