myfamilysfarmFebruary 2, 2013

I've started some tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and a few flowers so far. I have a gentleman that wants to start planting in his greenhouse the 1st of March, so I needed to get started early.

Hows everyone else's planting or planning doing?

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This is the easiest best time for lots of things here.

I hope to be a planting maniac in the next week. tomatoes and peppers about 20 per 4" pot in a southern window with bottom heat. These are to pot up to solo cups and sell. Basil in the window no heat. Brassicas outdoors on the tables, Transplant onions I started in Nov. Direct seed, carrots, beets, turnips, radish, mustard, green onion, lettuces, etc, Most the beds are ready, or nearly so.

Been picking , broccoli, cabbage, leeks, Chard, Kale, Citrus...could have done a lot better. Shallots are looking great, Garlic not so sure. Just finally sold out of butternut a few weeks ago.

We can do beans in March, and then with plastic mulch get the summer rolling, though May and June are premium planting time for summer crops.

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We have onion and leek seed planted and growing under lights. Just got the seed orders done and got the first one (Johnny's) back. Waiting for the Fedco order which has more leek and shallot seed that needs to be started ASAP

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rustico, what zone/area are you in?

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8/9ish. I sell in 10/11ish zone.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Perennials are on my calendar to start next week but I didn't get my seed starting mix yet. I will call up there tomorrow. I will start early peppers in 2 weeks, but nothing else for a bit.

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I have tomatoes and peppers starting. Will be working on cole crops and alliums the rest of the week.

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Had another person interested in 5 flats? don't know if it will prove out, but I may need to run the ad again.

I started some broccoli and onions earlier. May have a market on 3/30 and another 4/20 before market starts first Saturday of May. Trying to go back to original market, with just what we grow. It will be a lot different, much smaller. I think I will not be able to service the customers like we used to.

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oh Rustico! You remind me of how behind I am! Must get peppers, tomatoes, and basil started this week!

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Hup hup! get to work in Texas ! Have fun!

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Hello all,
How about planting beets and carrots and turnips etc, knowing a cool weekend,including light frost and possibly a little snow is coming? These are always predictibly very light or no shows. Days will hit the 50's and probably 60"s with some sun.

I already direct planted carrots and radishes day before yesterday and have done bunches of trays that I can bring in at night or put bottom heat and plastic on.

I am sure I have done it before and everything grew, but is there any reason to just wait to plant in a warmer week....which will almost certainly arrive. Perhaps I should just work on beds and slam the seeds in a warmer week? Get them in before the weather, at least that way they are done?

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I started some tomato plants and peppers,onion,eggplants,though I am a few weeks behind as I was working on my hoophouse in December wished I had it done a month earlier.I am rather lucky as my next door neighbor's business is Amgro supplier of seed,greenhouse plastic,growing mix,trays,fertilizer...

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Cal_Mario, you are lucky, no shipping costs. Your maters look alot like mine, except I haven't got all of them transplanted into cells. Need to do that, hopefully this weekend, since I'll be home more.

My mother fell and broke her hip, so 1 day in ER/surgery (wed), thurs-work and visiting with her, same thing on Friday, Sat-babysitting Grandkids and getting her set up in nursing home for rehab. Sunday, maybe some time for maters.

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I have about 100 tomato plants going into 1 gallon containers next week,also have Serrano and Jalapeno's to transplant,ordered some hybrid Habanero seeds and my superhots, Bhut Jolokia and Moraga Trinidad Scorpion to plant next week too.A pic of my Serranos.Peppers grow so slow though.

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My peppers are not doing near as well as the tomatoes this year. Don't know why, but just not.

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Just about ready to put in Fedco order. Going to start peppers later this week (and do the taxes too). Tomatoes will wait another month since I won't be able to transplant them til mid-late May anyway. Thinking of trying new market (started last year) rather than the old one that was kind of petering out (and MM is leaving), that one doesn't start til last week of June so I have plenty of time. Won't have anything to sell June/July except salad greens and hopefully strawberries anyway.

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rhashell(5 southeast IN)

Here in Indiana I just have the leeks and onions under grow light. Garlic is doing great and I just planted kale and spinach in the low tunnel

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Checked soil temp in my lettuce trays today. They are outside on an unheated table. The soil got into the 80's pretty early.

My assumption is that this is not going to work for lettuce seedlings? Too hot?

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I've got 144 broccolis in the garden. Started Jan 1. I have never been able to get a spring crop of brocs to head up before bolting so I've pushed it back as far as I could. We have a freak hard freeze predicted for this weekend so I'll be coming up with something. Next year i will have at least one hoop house for broccoli and lettuces. I put out 10 lbs each of white and red potatoes, spinach, lettuce, and one lb each of white, yellow and red onions. About 50 feet double row of snow peas and 25 of sugar snaps. But it has been terribly gray and dreary, and alas, wet. So I may be replanting when all is said and done.

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Broccoli, eggplant, fennel, two types of kale, collard greens, cabbage, & tomatoes; have been seeded in trays. In the garden we planted 1400 feet of carrots (6 row wide).

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

About one month until i want to try some peas.
In the house I have perennials, peppers for the tunnel, superhot peppers, brassicas (sowing 1), scallions (sowing 1).
There is a market on April 6th so I am going to try and sell some mixed packs of brassicas. When people buy cabbage and broccoli seedlings they are usually all one variety and ripen all at once so I am hoping a blend of varieties will be something they rather have. Still I only did 1.5 trays to sell.
Next week I will start tunnel tomatoes, parsley, and eggplant.

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According to one local meteorologist we are 6 degree before where we should be for this time of year. Hope we don't have a cool/cold summer, but then again, don't want a hot-hot summer either.

It does sound good for tomorrow to meteorologic spring.

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Last year at this time, I was filling up my high tunnel with seedlings. Now they are indoors under lights, because the weather has been so awful. It's snowing right now. Even in a high tunnel, with a gray sky and a high of 35 degrees, it's no place for a tomato plant.

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I started the peppers end of last week, have them on a warming tray, just got the Fedco (tomatoes and Asian greens) order, going to start tomatoes this week. Not sure how many I want to start (not as many as last year!), I haven't signed onto market yet - really don't want to do the short-season (12 weeks) one, the one I have been doing past 2 years has new (unknown) MM (who has not contacted me yet) and wasn't doing too well, the one I really want to get into (mid-June til 3rd week Oct) says they might have space for berries if 1 vendor drops out (the bramble berries, I think strawberry vendor has signed up) but I need to sell everything at 1 market.

State isn't renewing my tax exemption b/c I didn't gross enough the past 2 years, I haven't done taxes yet but know I had a loss again in 2012 though not a big one, I still have "startup" costs but I am wondering why I am working so hard for so little, was going to give it 1 more year (ordered a lot of seeds from Fedco) to try to at least break even, hope most of the big expenses are out of the way but since it's so hard to find a market with decent season matching harvests, and I have no frontage to put farm stand, I'm wondering if this year I should just start growing for us and the food bank...

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Sheila, I'm in the same boat, just don't know if I want to continue, or how I might continue.

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