Fava bean seedlings and cold tolerance

ryank817November 26, 2013

So I'm about to leave town for 4-5 days for Thanksgiving, and it's going to get quite cold (for this part of GA) while I'm gone, low 20's almost every night. I planted some Windsor Broad Beans in a raised bed a few weeks ago, and on average they're about 3-5 inches tall now. I know fava beans thrive in cold weather, but can seedlings that young and small handle such cold weather with likely freezing? I have a plastic cover I've been putting over them on cold nights, but I don't know if leaving it on all night and day while I'm gone would do more harm than good. Any thoughts?

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How about something like Remay that would offer some protection without cooking them in the daytime?

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Favas don't really 'thrive' in cold weather. They sit it out but they won't be growing. They survive better when they are short than taller ime. I agree that fleece would be better than plastic as it breathes and lets in moisture.

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I actually ended up using a bale of hay my wife had been using for fall decoration. I spread it over the whole bed at least 6 inches deep, so even though they won't get much sun, it's only for 4-5 days and they should get some insulation from the freezing temps without getting baked during the day. I'll post about how they end up doing once we get back.

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