Tepary beans and peanuts?

tracydr(9b)November 30, 2012

Thinking about growing peanuts and tepary beans next summer. Wondering if either are worth it in limited amount of space? I understand both do well in my hot climate. I've usually stuck with pole beans due to limited area. I'd really like to try peanuts in the garden and teparies in my unimproved area. However, I have no idea what yield will be and don't know if either will be worth the space.
I could also grow pole cowpeas or yardlongs on a trellis, perhaps with heat tolerant squash or melons underneath, instead.
What is the DTM on each?
What variety of peanuts would you recommend for AZ?
The area that I would put the teparies is flood irrigated every two weeks during hot months, which I understand is how teparies are usually grown.
Do I need to till for teparies?
What kind of yield will peanuts and teparies give? I have a nice loose area to give peanuts but the spot for teparies is hard clay.

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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

Here is some great info on the tepary beans...I will be growing them for the first time this year, too...
(there are 3 pages to this)

this one has some great growing info
they can grow up to 13 feet! I talked to a guy up here (new york) that grows them, and he just plants a bush every 6 feet or so around the perimeter of his garden, and lets them grow to the top of his fence, then across the top of the fence all the way around his garden...he says he gets better yields that way...but I would caution you about that being that you're in zone 9....you get much stronger sun...maybe the young pods would get scorched where you are? I don't know anything about the sun and growing veggies where you are..so ask locals or others on this board!
I plan to plant a row of the mammoth sunflowers and let the beans grow up them..I think I should be ok doing that here.
As far as yield..from what I've read..tepary plants are heavy producers.

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