Why isn't there an invasives forum?

floreyAugust 25, 2010

Isn't it time?

The weeds forum, is now cluttered up by a lot of 'whazzis?' questions.

An Invasives Forum, should be devoted to policy questions.


How to get to be allowed to cut on private lands.

How to help form public -private - civic group, parnerships.

Insurance for workers, cutting behind shops and malls, or along roadsides, that might get injured.

Also there should be regional and state reference lists. Problem plants,


How-to eradicate advice,

for easy referal by DPWs and others, who are [or should be] trying to eradicate local thugs.

strategies like:

Revamping -

What local plants can be planted to crowd out thugs. Like those northern kuzdu-like roadside vine mixes, that are starting to smother large trees.


Cutting - weeds before they flower and go to seed.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Why don't you start one? I think it's an interesting idea.

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It's a hot topic. I say go for it.


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

If you were to lobby for one, with iVillage, then perhaps it could be to create an FAQ resource.

I think you would have to think regionally: someone in the wilds of Canada wouldn't be massively troubled by kudzu, for example, but may be troubled by thistles.

If it is a resource to use - evidence based - for approaching your local or regional government to assist, through resourcing (such as advertising, or organising clean-up gangs) and legislative changes - fine.

Or as a come-to resource, perhaps made known to Citizens Advice Bureaux or similar agencies, for private individuals to know their rights and responsibilities when battling thug plants.

As an aside - it is crucial that 'Wars Against Weeds' are sustained in order to contain the species that's invading.

For example - here in NZ we had nasella tussock grass brought in with ordinary grass seed. We developed teams of inspectors to go round farms and identify the problem, then require the landholder to clear it because it seriously affects one of our key export products. In some places woodlots were planted and left - because the seeds can remain viable in the topsoil for more than thirty years. That's the level of commitment and the duration required to contain a pest plant.

We totally failed with Ulex europaeus (aka gorse or furze) and it was left to bloom gloriously on hillsides until it becomes shaded out by taller growing trees - native or plantation.

Info on invasives is useful. Action on invasives is a long term and sustained effort.

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Issues with invasiveness are very regional in nature -- what is considered an invasive plant in one location can be and often is perfectly well-behaved in another. With a general "invasive plants" forum, one runs the risk of further confusing what is already an extremely complicated, very location-related and often emotionally charged issue. Just check out a few of the discussions on this topic that surface on other forums to see firsthand the flak and dissension and sometimes hard feelings and unpleasantness this subject can generate.

FWIW, most states do have invasive or noxious weed listings that are readily accessible online. And even sometimes these listing vary widely from area to area within the same state, as it does in mine. As Master Gardeners, it would seem appropriate that one familiarize one's self with the invasive species predominate in your area and make that a part of the knowledge you share with other gardeners from your area.

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