I Just Don;t Want It To Die

mrclose(7 va)April 8, 2007

I Know, It sounds silly but, 'There Is' a story behind my/our Japanese Maple that has me in panic mode right now.

I am eighty nine years old and the woman that I met and married seven years ago is eighty three years old.

THIS beautiful japanese maple was the very first thing that we purchased together.

We both knew, 'and know' that we wont be around very much longer and, we just wanted to leave the world a better place .. we wanted to plant this little maple, watch it grow and flourish for as long as we can and then .. well, you know.

Brenda and I can pass on thinking that even though we met so late in life .. TOGETHER, We left the world .. a Beautiful Memory of us.


please allow an old man .. his follies.


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shadygrove(z7 VA)

Mr. Close: Your post is very touching. Your tree will not die in this cold. The leaves may fall and not make it for this Spring, but the tree itself will not die. I live in Virginia also and have wrapped one of my Japanese maples, but only one, the one I planted in memory of my mother, and the others are on their own. I know what you mean about not wanting it to die.

Let us know today or tomorrow how your tree looks. The worst night was last night with another cold one coming up tonight, but it won't be as cold. Take care.


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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Mr. Close - how is your tree doing? Andrea

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macbirch(ACT Aust)

We have drought water restrictions, one of my maples probably gets more sun than it should, and I watered it with seaweed solution which I realised must have been too strong because it was from the bottom of the bottle. My maple looked very sick for a few weeks . . . and then it started sending out new growth.

Mr Close, I hope your maple will be doing better soon.

Shadygrove, I hope your mother's maple will be enjoying beautiful spring weather soon.

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Perhaps you are lucky enough to have seedlings of your tree that you could give to family or friends. That helps some.
I wish it were easy to graft JM's since I have some rather fine specimens that I would like to propagate.

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I too have a special japanese maple, it bloomed out beautifuly in march and this cold spell in april has turned 98% of the leaves brown. I know it won't be pretty this year, but wonder if I should trim it and how will I know if it is going to make it?

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macbirch(ACT Aust)

My maple was affected by heat, etc rather then cold but I didn't prune it. I decided I'd helped enough with my overdose of seaweed solution and maybe it was time to just wait and see.

As you are going into spring I'm wondering if you should refrain from pruning because some trees have early rising sap? I heard something about this somewhere and forgot about it and one spring I pruned a few branches of my Trident Maple that were going across the path. The sap oozed for days but the tree was okay, it was quite an established one though. Anyway, maybe someone can clarify how important this is? I'm just a novice.

Hope the weather is being kinder to you all.

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