Japanese Maple looks like it is dying....please help!

daniaquilinaApril 11, 2010

Hi I have a Japanese Maple which has lost a lot of leaves. The leaves are curling and going brown at the tips before eventually falling off.

I have read lots of websites which tell me to give it deep watering which I have been doing for a couple of months now. I have also transported it into a larger pot one months ago however I am still seeing no improvement.

The tree is not in harsh sun.

It is almost bare....can you please send through some advice as I do not want to loose it. It has sentimental value to me.


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Where are you located that your tree is in leaf now? And can you post photos of the problem? Are you growing it in a container? If so, how long has it been planted, what type of potting soil, how often do you water?

Need more info to even attempt to diagnose a problem.

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