Deer resistant crops

jjOH(z6OH)February 17, 2005

I want to plant some berries and or veggies that the deer will not bother. I have about 3 acres under cultivation now. I also grow 100 miles from home and don't have access to lots of water. I grew corn last year and the deer and raccoons ate all of it in some fields and walked around it in others. I grew peas with great success in 2003 and moved them 50 feet in 2004 and the deer ruined my crop. They have never bothered a pumpkin in 5 growing seasons.

Any suggestions?

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garliclady(z7 NC)

They have never bothered my garlic and it is not a daily mantained crop requiring lots of water. But it is not the best time to plant garlic and i doubt you would want a 3 acre field of it but maybe you could plant a couple rows.

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Deer resistance seems to be based on the population of the deer. Just like us: if we are hungry enough, we'll eat things we wouldn't likely eat otherwise.
Having said that, they seem to not eat rhubarb, asparagus and onion family members including garlic. Most of the rest is a gamble. I think they will eat some of your pumpkin leaves plus the fruits if the deer become numerous enough.
This is a question we all struggle with. I've fenced in about three acres, and now have problems with woodchucks and moles/voles, because nothing can get them that would be their natural predators!
Good luck.

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