Growing JM from cuttings

billpilot88April 8, 2008

Is it possible to grow (propogate) a Japanese Maple from a small leaf cutting? I have a beautiful Seriyu and would like to reproduce it from cuttings if possible. Can this be done and how. Thanks.

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Leaf, possibly soft wood cuttings. I have seen JM cuttings rooted using Hormodin 3 under mist. The cuttings had plenty of roots and repotted in December and kept in a cold frame the remainder of the winter, shade the first year & 1/2. Unfortunately, while some cultivars will root, growing and thriving on their own roots is another story. Each time I have had sucess with getting a cutting to root, the cutting failed within a year. Claims have been made that rooted cuttings 'Bloodgood' and 'Glowing Embers' can survive. For the novice grower without mist and bottom heat, optimal cutting time, and a lot of luck, your best option is to grow from seed or purchase a seedling and graft onto said seedling.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Hb's post is a good one and has been repeatedly stated here. There are those that are into rooting JM's but for most folks HB's experiences have been borne out time and time again even with perfect enviorment and equiptment. Most grafters I know would never use cuttings for RS and those that have tried have had bad experiences... It should be noted if you wait 2 years you "may" be ok...but why take a chance and spend so much time .I am still waiting to hear back for a couple of VERY excited cut and rooter's who swore they could "do it" on this forum...never have heard a word. My personal experience with a green house and heat and some humidity is 1 out of 100 fresh green A.P. topped RS actually rooted ... and most of those dozen or so died quickly!! To those that want to possibly waist their time going against conventional wisdom ...go for it..David

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I would say with perfect conditions and equiptment it is "possible" for "initial" success with select cultivars...others NOT a chance... there is a guy over at Dave's garden who does it with a rather fancy set up and has nice looking Bloodgoods ...but again would I buy them from him or use them for RS ?? ...the answer is flatly no.I look at his posts and keep my mouth shut... hopefully he will disprove what most others have found that the long term viability of rooted cuttings is not good even if you are lucky enough to have short term success. David

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ltruett(Zone, 9 Houston)

Another possibility if you just want a few trees is air layering.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Or learn how to graft them onto rootstock.

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