Cracked trunk on Japanese Maple- any hope

monicad1030April 20, 2011

Hello- I live in CT and we a horrible winter with several feet of snow and heavy ice. When I was finally able to get to maple (tucked behind a rocky pond). I found the trunk had crack between one main branch and the trunk. The crack was about 2 1/2 inches long with about 1 inch of branch and trunk still attached. On the advice of an arborist my husband bolted the split, which I eastimate was within 2/3 weeks of the crack. I am noticing now the branches attached to the main trunk are sprouting leaves while the branches attached to cracked branch have buds but no leaves. I scraped those branches a little and see green however.

Any chance the broken branch will get leaves? How soon before I give up hope? Anything I do to help it along?

The tree is about six years old.


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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

How is it coming along? Is this "main branch" like half your tree?

This is a Acer Palmatum we are talking about not a large tree which is going to overhang your bedroom and kill you if it comes apart so you have little to lose with the bolting.

If it doesn't show any activity in a week or two I might just cut it off and let the rest of the tree do fine w/o it.

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