Loudermilk Butter Bean

LoboGothic(6b SW Ontario CANADA)December 18, 2012

Grew this bean in 2012 and found that although it was planted in reasonably good time, hardly any beans matured to eating stage. There were huge numbers of empty pods when frost arrived here in November - a bit of a disappointment. I see by the archives that happyday, rodger and remy have grown this bean, what was your experience?

Does anyone have days to maturity and any insights about growing this variety? I'd like to try again this year at least to have a bit more seed but not sure if I should bother. I acquired this LBB through Seeds of Diversity and the grower is Donald Kellam of Illinois.

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I haven't grown it, but have had similar experiences with several of the larger seeded lima beans. The varieties that work in my climate would not work in yours and vice versa. I have to grow the small sieva types where you should grow the larger lima types. Climate is the reason why southern growers are not a good comparison for your conditions.


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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

"Loudermilk" is also listed in the 2012 SSE Yearbook. The description states that it is a small-seeded lima. No DTM is given.

I also have not grown it personally, but I have grown many other pole limas in my Northern climate. Very few pole limas would produce reliably here if direct seeded ("Sieva" being the notable exception). If started as transplants, though, I can get dry seed for most varieties. The gain in DTM is more than just the date of planting indoors, since germination is faster in the pots (which I keep at 75 degrees F.) than it is in cool Spring soil.

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LoboGothic(6b SW Ontario CANADA)

Thanks, zeedman. Your post is very helpful, especially the part about starting as transplants. I've never done that with beans. Space for starting plants here is limited but I'll try this year to start limas and I plan to grow Musso Monaco Niriu (not sure if I have the name right) - oh, BJBB too. Faint hope there but I'll give it a try.

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I have grown this lima and I need to grow again , my supply is getting low. For me I direct seed first week of April have first harvest first of Aug and a secound crop in late Sept with a possible third crop mid Nov. I concur with Dar. The smaller seeded limas do well for me in South Carolina. Loudermilk originated in Georgia and is not a sieva type but is a smaller seeded variety compared to Fordhook, Christmas Lima, White Christmas etc. Those large seeded types will make a crop for me but are no where as prolific as the smaller seeded types. I believe the larger limas like long days with cooler temps where as the smaller ones need at least 120 days of hot weather. I would say if you can grow sweet potatoes you can grow limas.

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LoboGothic(6b SW Ontario CANADA)

Thanks, Rodger. We simply don't get 120 days of hot weather. You're right about higher yield. LBB was amazing and I had a similar experience with Willow Butter Bean, although I did get more beans maturing with it.

Maybe I should look into this sieva type, it might be better suited to zone 6b, no use pushing the envelope when you can go a bit sideways.

It's been wonderful tapping in to this forum and finding so many gardeners with the same passion for beans as I have. Thank you everyone for providing me with so much education and entertainment at the same time.

Best wishes for the approaching holidays and peace in the new year.


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