How was your year?

gardener_sandySeptember 24, 2013

With the growing season winding down in a lot of the country, I'm curious what the MGs have been involved in this year that's new and different. Sharing ideas across the country helps us all grow the program and become better gardeners and volunteers.

Here we have a new program called Landscape for Life. It's an intensive training program for the public that focuses on sustainable landscaping that helps the environment, rather than harming it. The course is taught over 6 weeks and has been well received in our area.

What have you been doing this year? Whether it's new to you or something you're especially proud of, let the rest of us know.


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This was the year of the deer. Many plants never eaten before were taken to the ground, some multiple times. We had two bucks as permanent tenants of our woods, beautiful animals but very big eaters. They both left at opening of deer season. We learned that we have not been cutting our perennials often or hard enough. Al

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Hi Al. All of our deer must have migrated to your side of the country! We had almost no critter damage in the veggies or flowers, making it a very rare year. We didn't really do anything different so the only thing I can figure is the fact it was a very wet summer for us and vegetation was lush. Must have been plenty for them to eat.


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