2014 Bean Patch

drloydDecember 22, 2013

The shortest day of the year has come and gone and today is about 3 seconds longer than yesterday! Crocuses and daffodils are only 6 weeks away here. Time to plan the bean garden. Here is a preliminary list.

Runner Bean
Samos Greek Lima

Common Pole Beans
Anellino Giallo
Aunt Jean's
Big Bean (White Greasy)
Black Simpson Greasy
Borlotto Solista
Borlotto Stregonta
Monte Cristo
North Carolina Speckled Long Greasy Cutshort
NT Half Runner
Red Eye Greasy/Fall
Square House
Tennessee Cutshort
Tobacco Worm
Tobacco Worm brown seed
Uzice Speckled Wax
White Simpson Greasy


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

LOL Dick, I was doing the same thing yesterday. Here are the ones I'm thinking of growing in 2014, of course this could change as it comes closer to planting time. I came back and added a couple of more to my ever growing list :).

Samos Greek Lima (mainly for seed)

Little White Rice (mainly for seed)
Comtesse de Chambord (mainly for seed)
Duchesse de Chambord (mainly for seed)
Wood's Mountain Crazy Beans (mainly for seed)

Emelia's Italian Pole Bean a.k.a. Auntie Vi
Grandma Robert's Purple Pole
Grandpa Gerono's
John's Polish Purple Pole Bean
Major Cook's (mainly for seed)
Mrs. Fortune's (mainly for seed)
Mr. Tung's
North Carolina Speckled Long Greasy Cut-short
Purple Italian Marconi Stringless
Royal City Cannery (mainly for seed)
Ryder's Best
Selma Star (mainly for seed)
Selma Zebra
Soisson Vert (mainly for seed)
Taiwan Pole
Tennessee Cutshorts
Tennessee Greasy Mix
White Hull Pink Tips

Black Jungle Butter Bean (mainly for seed)

Fingers crossed we all have a great growing season in 2014. I don't have a big garden so I don't grow huge amounts of anything but we usually have enough for a couple of meals and enough seed to share a few and keep me going.


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I just inventoried my seed a few days ago. I have to pick what to grow from this list, plus may add a few more for Sandhill.

1500 Year Old Cave Bean (pole dry) 50 seed
Alabama #1 2006 1/2 bulkpk
Alabama #1 2011 2 bulkpk
Barksdale Wax 2004 25 seed
Big John 2003 25 seed
Black Seeded Blue Lake 2010 100 seed
Black Seeded Logan Giant 2009 100 seed
Black Turtle Soup 30 seed
Bob Wilcox (Turkey Craw) 2010 50 seed
Brown 1/2 Runner 25 seed
Brown Cornfield Pole 2008 45 seed
Brown Greasy Grits 2003 200 seed
Calypso 1 bulkpk
Contender 2005 100 seed
Country Gentleman cross 7 seed
Cranberry Bush 2003 1 bulkpk
Criollo Blanco #2 costa rica a few seed
Emerite 2012 1 bulkpk
Emerite X Purple 2013 1 pint F3
Fasola Biala Drobna12 seed
Flamingo Wax 7 seed
Fortex 2012 2 bulkpk
Fortex X Purple 2013 2 bulkpk, 2009 1 blkpk
G2084 P. Vulgaris a few seed
G40009 p. acutifolius a few seed
Giant White 1/2 runner 5 seed
Goose 2010 2 bulkpk
Grandma Roberts 3color (blk,brn,wht) 2 bulkpk
Grandma Roberts Big Brown & Gray 30 seed
Grandma Roberts Brown Pole 2003 3 bulkpk
Grandma Roberts Purple Pole 2012 1 bulkpk
Grandma Roberts Tan/Brown pole 2003 2 bulkpk
Grandma Roberts White pole 1 bulkpk
Grandma's Tan Speckled 1 bulkpk
Greasy Back Cornfield 2013 2 bulkpk
Greasy Back Cornfield Purple 2013 1 bulkpk
Greasy October 2003 100 seed
Helda Romano pole 2013 trade 1/2 bulkpk
Hidatsa Shield pole 50 seed
Hutterite 1 bulkpk
Irsh Nelson 2006 1 pound
Jacobs Cattle 2008 2 bulkpk
Jeminez 2 bulkpk
Jeminez Cross 10 seed
Kilgore Black Pole snap/shelly 2003 1 bulkpk
Lazy Wife 2003 100 seed
Leona Dillon Creaseback 2003 2 bulkpk
Mcdowell County Long Greasy 50 seed
Menifee Greasy 2010 1 bulkpk
Meraviglia Venizia white 2006 1 bulkpk
Mixed off types from Flor de Mayo & Rio Zape
Mixed seed from Jim Myers & farmers mkt
Neckargold 2008 1 bulkpk
Nickell 1/2 runner 2006 50 seed
NT Halfrunner 2004 1 bulkpk
Oaxacan 5-1 2013 1 blkpk (very heat tolerant)
P10 Nuna 2009 1 bulkpk
P4 Nuna 1 bulkpk
Peanut Bean 2006 100 seed
Pencil Pod Black Wax 2009 1 bulkpk
PI309877 a few seed
Pink Tip Greasy 2009 150 seed
Pole 1800 Granny Bean 50 seed
Potomac 2009 1 bulkpk
Purple King pole 2003 1/2 pound
Rattlesnake 2009 1 pound
Red Fall 25 seed
Red Striped Greasy 35 seed
Red Swan bush bean 2012 1 bulkpk
Rio Zappe 1 bulkpk
Rolande 2010 100 seed
Rose 2003 1 bulkpk
Ruth Bible 35 seed
Sicitalian Black Swamp pole 2011 2 bulkpk
Soybean, Natsu Kurakake
Striped Bunch 2009 2 bulkpk
Striped Hull Greasy Cutshort 1/2 bulkpk
Succotash 2004 30 seed
Supermarconi 1 bulkpk
Tarbais bean 15 seed
Tenderpod 1 bulkpk
Tennessee Cutshort pole 2004 25 seed
Tobacco Worm 2009 1 bulkpk seed
Trionfo Purple 2003 2 bulkpk
Turkey Craw Black 2009 2 bulkpk
Turkey Craw brown 2009 2 bulkpk
Unknown brown 2003 1 bulkpk
Unknown white snap pole 2003 1 pound
Variant Alabama #1 dark brown 2011 1/2 bulkpk
Variant Alabama #1 Gray Speckled 2008 1 bulkpk
Variant Grandma's Purple 1 bulkpk
Variant Neckargold 2008 1 bulkpk
Variant Neckargold 70 seed
Variant Striped Bunch 2010 1 bulkpk
VAX-1 2013 1 blkpk
VAX-3 2013 1/2 blkpk
VAX-4 2013 50 seed
White Greasy Grit 2003 35 seed
Wicker Brown & White 1/2 runner 100 seed
Woods Mtn Crazy bush 2010 20 seed
XAN-159 2013 1/4 blkpk
Zuni Red & Gold Beans 2 bulkpk

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Here's my little list.

Helda Romano Pole
King of the Garden
Fortex (few seeds)
Kentucky Wonder Old Homestead
Good Mother Stallard
Christmas Lima
North Carolina Speckled Long Greasy Cutshort

I think that's everything..

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

I liked most of the beans I grew last year, and will grow again.

Runner Beans-
The white beans I was growing last year let me down, they don't have the hot season bean set of Insuk's Wang Kong, though they did fairly well in the fall and up until frost, so I'm going back to growing IWK

Bush beans
King Longhorn wax
Pisarecka Zlutoluske- very early cold-tolerant yellow wax
Yer Fasulyasi- brown-seeded Romano snap
Marconi Nano- black-seeded Romano snap
Spanish Tolosna dry

Half-runner beans
Red Peanut (Old Joe Clark)
Wood Mountain Crazy

Pole beans
Annelino Giallo
Grandma Roberts Purple
Jembo Polish
Super Marconi
Uncle Steve's
Unknown pale purple with black seeds speckled white
Zelma Zesta

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Decisions, decisions!!
Runner Bean
Samos Greek Lima

Common Pole Beans
Anellino Giallo not in pots for October use.
Aunt Jean’s - Plant an early trellis with some in pots and consider some July 1.
Barksdale in pots.
Borlotto Solista
Brita’s Footlong
Clay Bank Fall
Cummins Greasy Cutshort
Lazy Wife Greasy
Monte Cristo Blue Lake type snap
North Carolina Speckled Long Greasy Cutshort
NT Half Runner
Red Eye Greasy for early and late snaps.
Square House
Tennessee Cutshort snap all in pots.
Tobacco Worm all in pots
Uzice Speckled Wax
White Simpson Greasy, some in pots.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

LOL Dick, oh my ever growing list, I have to wait until I actually plant them to do a final tally. Some (bush beans) I will be growing just to sample, I'll grow one or two plants in tubs stuck in what ever space I can find for them. I've come to the conclusion I really do need a keeper.


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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Well, I'm hoping that I'll actually be able to plant what I plan this year. The list is still evolving, so it will probably change before planting time. None of my usual " " around variety names, I'm on 1st shift now so I actually need to sleep at night. ;-)

Bush beans
Bert Goodwin (shelly/dry)
Giant Red Tarka (shelly/dry)
Pole beans
Flamingo (snap)
Fortex (snap)
Garafal Oro (snap)
Grandma Roberts Purple Pole (snap)
Jembo Polish (shelly)
Sangre de Toro (dry)
Serbian Pole - trial
Walker's Great Valley Long Pod - trial
(a pole wax to be determined)
1880's Butterbean
North Star
Runner beans
Insuk's Wang Kong
Cowpeas & Yardlongs
21 Peas
CES-18-6 (Paayap)
Green Dixie
Pink Eye Purple Hull
Thailand Pole (probably a yardlong)
Yardlong, Black Seed
Yardlong, Purple Podded
Cera Sierra (soup)
Gruno Rosyn (soup)
Limestone (snow)
Nadja (soup)
Opal Creek Golden Snap
Sugar Lace II (snap)
Sugar Magnolia Purple Snap
Misc. legume
Adzuki, Takara Early
Chickpea, Brown Popping
Hyacinth Bean, India Bush (I'm really excited to try this)
Mungo, Yellow

And about 20-25 soybeans

Pending trades, a lot could change. Unbeknownst to me, an SSE listed member with whom I have traded passed away last year. He had a fairly large bean collection, about the size of my own. Another SSE member has recently contacted me & others on behalf of the estate, to try to keep his varieties in circulation. Any SSE members reading this who might be interested in helping, please contact me offline via my member page or email.

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vegpatch(5 Colo)


With your diversity of beans are you cross pollinating any (on purpose) or keeping them true to the original seeds you planted?

If keeping them true are you isolating the entire plant or selected blooms?

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

vegpatch, I bag a few flowers on most of the beans I grow with the exception of the bush beans I grow in tubs, these I cover with remay when they start to flower and keep my fingers crossed :).

The three varieties of bush bean already started in the greenhouse are grown in hanging baskets, these go outside when it's warm enough in separate areas of my garden. They'll be finished by the time the rest of the beans start flowering.

I only grow one runner in any given year, I've convinced my neighbor to grow the same one :).

All the beans are grown amongst flowering perennials, vines and shrubs, mats for the bees to wipe their feet on.

Lately I've been using wedding favor bags, to lazy to make my own and so far this has worked for me.

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bman123(7b/8a DFW TX)

I am relatively new to gardening and this year I am growing Blue Lake, Contender, Royal Burgundy, and Kentucky Wonder (pole) for beans. I am seeing all of your impressive lists and wondering why I don't see any of the well known varieties such as the ones I listed. Better tasting?

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Geez, I'd have knock down several of our neighbors houses here in the DC suburbs to get enough room to grow your lists. LOL

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LoboGothic(6b SW Ontario CANADA)

OK, finally have my list but it will be ages before I can plant anything:

Runner - phaseolus coccineus
Canellini Runner
di Spagna Bianco
Fat White Boys


Black Jet
Manitoba Brown

Limas - phaseolus lunatus

Black Jungle Butter Bean
Christmas Lima
King of the Garden

Henderson Green
Henderson Red

Phaseolus Vulgaris

Bush, dry:
Agate Pinto
Aztec Red Kidney
Molasses Face
Swedish Brown
Tiger's Eye
Tuscarora Bread Bean

Bush, Snap or Dry
Green Flageolet Slicing

African Blue aka Blue Peter
Annie Jackson
Aunt Jem's
Amish Gnuttle
Cherokee Cornfield
Cherokee Trail of Tears
Cocco Bianco
Flagg aka Chester aka Skunk
French Gold
Garrafal Oro
Golden Lima
Good Mother Stallard
Hidatsa Shield Figure
Kahnawake Mohawk
Monaco Musso Niriu
Nona Pini
Rosato Yard Long
Soissons Blanc A Rames
True Red Cranberry

Growing most of these because I have to refresh the seed. Some I have left off the list will really miss, Jembo Polish is one. Many are from trades and will be new to my garden - some surprises in store!

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LoboGothic(6b SW Ontario CANADA)

Oooops - just found the list of last year's beans from the GW Autumn event. Will try to grow these too (screams):

Black Butterpea
Canadian Wild Goose
Dwarf Horticultural - Taylor Strain
Tene's Beans
Cherokee Wax

Selma Star
Sultan's Crescent Green
Marengo Romano
Mountain Climbers

That was a great trade.

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After much juggling, here is the final list. Those being started in peat pots were started today except for the one trellis of Aunt Jean's that was started about 5/1. The main focus is to find Appalachian full beans that will do well here. The seed colors are recorded as they were used in choosing locations for varieties. For example, two white varieties were not allowed to grow right next to each other.

Runner Bean
Samos Greek Lima all in pots

Bush Beans - none

Common Pole Beans

Anellino Giallo - not in pots for October use. Black seed.
Aunt Jean’s - An early trellis in pots. Late trellis July1 . Maroon/white.
Barksdale 1/2 trellis. White seed in half in pots.
Borlotto Solista
Clay Bank Fall tan seed half in pots.
Cummins Greasy Cutshort tan/brown seed half in pots.
Dolloff bown seed.
Flamingo 1/2 trellis brown seed all in pots.
Gallahar (1/2 trellis) for late use white seed.
Granny white seed half in pots.
Lazy Wife Greasy white seed half in pots.
Monte Cristo snap white seed. Second trellis July 1.
North Carolina Speckled Long Greasy Cutshort tan/brown seed. All in pots.
NT Half Runner white seed half in pots.
Red Eye Greasy for early and late snaps. Maroon and white 6 in pots.
Snowball Greasy flat white seed half n pots.
Square House white seed half in pots.
Tennessee Cutshort snap Brown seed all in pots.
Tobacco Worm white seed all in pots.
Uzice Speckled Wax Black and white half in pots.
White Simpson Greasy, White seed half in pots.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I'm still playing musical chairs with mine :)

Andean/ Ecuador- are planted out and looking good as are several other of the pole varieties. All the bush beans in baskets are flowering so pods should be forming shortly.

I'm looking forward to growing a new purple runner bean from Wales 'Aeron Purple Star', the seed is on it's way. I'm only going to grow several plants in case I don't get them in soon enough to collect seed, save the rest for next year.

I'm having trouble with a couple of the varieties on this years grow list, I've run in to virus with one variety, only one seedling looked good so started more seed in hopes of getting 3 or 4 more healthy plants. For whatever reason some of the ones I planned to grow are taking a long time to germinate but once they're up they're looking good.
When I finally get them all in I'll post a list of what I finally ended up growing.


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Hi Annette,

What are the symptoms of a virus infection?

I soaked the seeds I planted yesterday for about 5 minutes in freshly made 3% hydrogen peroxide to reduce pathogens. - Dick

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Dick I wasn't taking any chances, the first pair of leaves when they opened were spotted yellow and the leaves themselves looked very course. The variety was North Carolina Long Greasy Short-Cut. Out of the 8 I started only one looked healthy. If I have to redo them again I'll try the peroxide treatment.


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When I did the May 1 planting of Aunt Jean's in peat pots, about a third of the seedlings were stunted, had curled leaves or died. Perhaps the potting mix got a bit soggy. I'm hoping the peroxide treatment will improve the outcome for yesterday's planting.

I am wondering about watering the pots with a 1.5% solution. Dick

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