Black Butterpea

LoboGothic(6b SW Ontario CANADA)December 5, 2013

Acquired this one in the GW Canadian seed trade and rumour has it that tormato Gary was the source.

The seeds are 1/2" long, very dark, lima shaped but fat. It's a bush variety and I definitely will plant these seeds in 2014. Has anyone grown these and have any experience to pass along? Can't find any information online. Thanks a bunch.

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hementia8(8 MS)

I do not believe that qualifies as a butterpea as butterpeas are more round and plump
Perhaps if it was a pole could be BLACK JUNGLE,ALABAMA BLACK or BLACK STAR
I do not know of a black bush lima
Perhaps Gary has come up with something new

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Looks interesting; but I would consider it more of a "red' than "black". Did the bushes form any short runners?

The 2013 SSE Yearbook lists several red-seeded bush limas. Some refer to red-over-red mottling, but the photo shows no evidence of that. SSE itself lists one just named "Red", which I obtained from them... haven't grown it yet, but the seed is solid red. Pulling it out for examination, it looks very similar to the beans in the photo; very small maroon seeds about 1/2" long, and not overly flat (I wouldn't call them 'fat' though). There is an "Indian Red Bush" carried by someone in NC, described as 'maroon red'. And there is a "Red Seeded", that does not give details on the color in the description... but it is carried by someone named Gary.

"I do not know of a black bush lima"

"Cave Dweller (black seed coats)" is a black-seeded true bush variety. It is really a very very dark maroon, but only the seeds which dried down prematurely show any sign of red. I obtained it from SSE several years ago, and started as transplants (as I do with all my limas) it did well here. Not sure about the '(black seed coats)' part of the name, it seems to imply that there were other seed colors in their original sample... the black-seeded I've grown is stable. The seed weight is very similar to "Sieva", but slightly wider & flatter. I've got plenty of seed Hementia, so if you would like to try it, just contact me through my member page.

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hementia8(8 MS)

Z I would very much like to try that one
I'll contact you after the Yearbook comes out
You may see something I have listed there for trade
Butterbeans are my specialty and favorite veg. for eating

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