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gizzardfarm(7A)December 27, 2007

Hey guys i live and grow in southern Tennessee close to the Alabama/Georgia/Tennessee line. I usually grow Macasline (spelled wrong im sure) and Kentucky wonder. Next year i would like to add a few more varities any suggestions? Im about sold on Rattlesnake and maybe blue lake.. I have never grown bush beans but am not opposed to them.. one more factor i sell at the local farmers market so i need lots of beans..good ones..



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Go to and check out their bean varieties. They are updating the website so give it a few days. One you will enjoy is Blue Marbutt. The beans are a very nice eyepleasing blue/purple color and make very good flavored canning beans or for fresh snaps. Wait until Glenn gets these listed and then order. He has about 3 gallons of seed, but I expect he will sell out this season. They are excellent! If you are interested in lima beans, the Carolina Red are an excellent sieva variety for our climate. they are very pretty seed and taste is outstanding.

You might also check out Fortex and Emerite which are two nice beans for market. They are not much for canning. If you have a market for wide flat Roma type beans, check out Musica.




Sandhill website


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Check out some of these.

Here is a link that might be useful: Greasy Beans

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jwr6404(8B Wa)

Read the thread on Insuk's Wang Kong(runner bean),this forum.If interested I can send you some seed.

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Thanks Ya'll keep those suggestions coming.. as far as my own taste i love to eat mccaslines and kentucky wonders but im looking for snap beans that will really produce loads of beans for market.. tell me about half runners and bush beans as far as numbers and taste..


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You are growing two good pole snap beans for your area (McCaslan and Kentucky Wonder).

Black Valentine is a productive snap bush bean and it's noted for its taste. It's done well for me the last two years and we've been in a drought since Katrina came thru in 2005.

My mother-in-law likes Romano pole beans for their flavor.

I've never grown it but Fortex is said to be a very good flavored pole bean that's productive and stringless. I looked for seeds of it last year but everyone was already sold out so if you decide to try it I would suggest you get your seeds early.

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macheske(6/7 NorthernVA)

Fedco is already out of Fortex....

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