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edb2n(7)April 20, 2007

I landscaped our new house about three years ago, and at the time knew very little about gardening. I bought a Bloodgood JM because it was beautiful and I knew very little about it except that JM's were "small." Anyway, I planted it in a little nook of the house. It's about a 4'x4' square with house on two sides and sidewalk on two sides. I now know that this tree is way too big for this spot and I never should have planted it there. Having said that, it's beautiful where it is and I would love to leave it. Is that at all possible? Can I root-prune it to slow growth as well as pruning it for size? Or do I need to bite the bullet and move it?

Of course, all that may be moot. I'm waiting to see if it will survive the freeze two weeks ago.

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I would wait until late fall or early winter and then move it. Bloodgoods will eventually grow more than 20' tall and just about as wide. You might be able to grow some of the dwarf or threadleaf JM varieties in that spot, such as Kamagata, Mikawa yatsubusa, Koto no ito, Villa taranto, Beni ubi gohan. Most dissectum varieties, although relatively small in height, will grow wider than tall, so I would avoid them.

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