Ugly Weather for Japanese. Map/What to do?

picea(6A Cinci- Oh)April 3, 2007

Acer japanicum 'Green cascade' and several other leafed out with many more not far behind. Temp forecasted to go down to 25f then 19F in a couple of days so it could get ugly. What do you do? David

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Yes, what to do???? I am also worried abouit my 40+, fully leafed, japanese maples. Even in zone 7b we are expecting freezing and frost conditions this coming weekend. Not only my maples; I have 37 fruit trees, with small fruit, and 75 blueberry bushes. I think the blueberries will be fine, but I can't see me coving everything so I have to make the decision what to cover and what to let go. Bringing in all those heavy pots don't appeal to me either but I guess I have to do it ....this is just too cruel. I would like to hear what others plan to do. - Ivy in NC

Here is a link that might be useful: App-A-Lot Ranch

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I have posted in the pro advise thread on this see that post I am gonna use 6x8 tarps ( .99 each) over mine but I have 70+ to do whether that will be enough is a question we should all report back on our experiences ...remember these cold temps are often associated with wind so if you cover tie it down somehow or you'll wake up with your grass protected and your tree crapola'd ... As far as fruit trees you will likey have little or no friut if they are or have bloomed but the trees should be fine same with blueberries but priobably will get some fruit ...your JM's ..????? we will see only good thing misery loves company and there are thousands of JM lovers in the same boat til next monday!!! David

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picea(6A Cinci- Oh)

The last time I can remember it getting as cold as they are forecasting after things had pushed so much was in 93 or 94. It did a lot of damage.

Besides the maples a I have cornus cortroversa, peony and strax that have leafed out and even my conifers, Picea abies Crusita and Cedrus Deodara Karl Fuchs are breaking bud. It will be interesting to see what gets damaged and what is tough. Unfortunately it the risk we take planting non-native plants. David

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I was wondering would garbage bags do? Such as tall kitchen bags or larger? Mine are small enough for this and a tarp would probably damage the delicate branches of the smaller or delicate ones.

I was going to report on what survived the unusually cold winter (not so much extremely cold which it wasn't but the string of days and weeks of zero degree weather--I'll report on this later as it was extremely interesting what damaged my real small JMs. Hint: it wasn't the cold)since my last post back in the fall had to do with the very issue of cold hardiness, but we have to get through this week!!

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mckenna(Z5 Chicago IL)

Once the buds start to swell and get close to opening will this stall them from opening or is that a very wishful thinking? Two left to protect, which my lazy bottom is debating going out in the cold & wind to cover a bloodgood and a seedling. Off I go....


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I would advise against plastic bags if possible. Some type of fabric would be ideal; sheets or something with similar thickness being the best while cheesecloth likely being sufficient.

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Thanks for the tips. Aside from the original protection from wind that we had discussed in the forum before (which is very important for northern gardeners. That is, to create something of a micro-climate in one's backyard favorable to JM's)I think I'll let nature take its course. They've proven to be cold hardy through an extended cold winter. They should get through a week of cold--I hope. :)

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davidcf(7 GA)

My trees have shriveled, somewhat cooked-looking leaves this morning - so damage has clearly taken places from the cold. The trees are very vigorous and healthy. Will they recover over the course of the spring? Do they put out a new set of leaves?

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

See other associated links for the possitive and negative comments ..David

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