New hostas for my friend arrived---how to keep them til planted?

esther_bJune 7, 2014

I received my shipment from Jim's Hostas Friday. Due to short time before the Sabbath, I removed them from their shipping box and put them in plastic containers of water just shy of their crowns. I left them in their paper towel wraps to keep their roots from tangle damage.

Most of them look like nice specimens. The Eye Declare is obviously a division from an enormous plant. A couple of them (Coconut Custard and Smiley Face) have a couple of yellow leaves, but they also have some brand new leaves coming along. I am not worried. All will benefit from being planted in luscious loamy soil in a dappled shady place, no doubt. I was also sent Maui Buttercups and Devon Gold as freebies. Has anyone dealt with Devon Gold? Or, for that matter, with Eye Declare, Coconut Custard, or Smiley Face?

My friend is due to return from Israel on June 9. I don't think I should keep the hostas in water all that time, plus she will certainly not be up to planting until getting over her trip and jet lag. Finally, the heuchies I ordered from HostasDirect have not yet arrived. That might mean we won't be able to have our planting get-together until NEXT Sunday.

I think I should pot up the new hostas in biodegradable pots like peat, if I can find large enough ones, and then we plant them in those pots.

What do you folks think I should do with the new hostas if I can't plant them for a week?

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

I put mine in temporary pots until I'm ready to put them in the ground. I just use extra plastic pots that I keep around for that reason. You can put the new hostas in biodegradable pots if you want, but I don't recommend planting them in the ground that way. The pots don't break down as much as you'd think and will end up containing the roots too much.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I agree with Eleven regarding the bio pots slow in degrading. Pot them up in whatever you have, then put them in the ground.


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bernd ny zone5

I did the same, potted new plants up, placed them in shade and let the hostas recover from separation and shipment trauma. Then, once the exact location is established, and friend is eager to plant, plant them at leisure. Bernd

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Your ideas gave me a brainstorm, but with the following caution---if I potted the newly-arrived gorgeous hostas individually and set them outside, I am afraid that they would "develop legs". Nice things outside do have a habit of developing legs, especially with a housing project a few blocks away marring an otherwise lovely neighborhood.

My Brooklyn friend, for whom all these plants are destined, has a large elevated brick porch at the top of her porch steps. It has brick walls all around, to boot. Upon the front wall sit 2 long skinny plastic planters, which is where I plant annuals for her every year. I seem to remember one of them is sort of aged and could stand to be replaced. I can buy a long skinny green plastic planter to replace it and use it here to plant the lovely new hostas in it. Then I could set this behind the Obligatory Bushes, out of the sight of passersby. Once the hostas are planted, we could just use this new planter on her porch. I think the hostas would be safer in a heavy planter than in individual pots, soooo tempting to pick up and walk away with. I would just have to pick up the heavy planter to put it into my car, but I think I'm up to that task. If not, I could ask a neighbor, like the strapping son of my handicapped neighbor.

And, I just this minute got off the phone to HostasDirect, asking where my heuchie order is. The heuchies are to accompany the hostas under my friend's 2 big ball-shaped bushes in the front "yard" (by Brooklyn standards, it's a front yard. By you outoftowners' standards, it would be big enough to set 3 very large doghouses on, maybe). I should know by tomorrow, via phone call and/or email, when to expect the heuchies. They will be lil bitty things, as I could not find large specimens for all the varieties I wanted. I will have to explain to my friend that they will get bigger next year.

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