Final Insult of this past Winter

marcindy(z5b, Indianapolis, IN)April 29, 2014

Like many of you we have endured a harsh, long and cold winter this past season here in Indiana. Now, that winter seems to have finally given up it's reign, the damage it has done to my JM, trees, and other shrubs is becoming apparent. My list of confirmed dead includes Beni Kawa, Beni Tsukasa, Inazuma, and A. palmatum Aureum. These were twelve year old trees that are now alive only in the bottom 10 to 12inches that was covered by snow. My 14 year old Ever Red dissectum is reluctant to leave out, which might indicate more damage to be seen later in the season. Acer circinatum 'Sunny Sister' is completely dead, down to the roots.

Strangely enough the much younger Ukigumo, Shigitatsu Sawa, Bloodgood, and Fireglow have come through it without any damage. All my shiraswanum cultivars are also not damaged. The loss of the older more mature cultivars hurts, but it also opens up space to replace them with others I have been wanting to try. Maybe I am just doing self-talk here. Thanks for letting me vent a bit. I hope your trees made it through this past winter in better shape than mine.

On to a new growing season!

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CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)

I feel your paint!
Spring is lovely, but it's always a moment to see what I've lost. :(

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I had the same experience here in zone 4 MN. The oldest JM trees that had exhibited the most hardiness over the years were the ones that took it on the chin. The younger 4-5 year trees came through fine. I think it is in part that the more slender, pliable young trees withstood the enormous snowfalls and pile-up better than those of a larger caliper.

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Cher(6 SW OH)

My Crimson Queen bit the dust here in Dayton but the others are ok. I don't know maybe I should look at the shiraswanum but never see them local so it would have to be a mail order. Sorry about all your losses.

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I had a large Crimson Queen that experienced about 10% loss.
Two Shainas- one is fine and the other lost about 50%- that one was the worst hit of all my JM's. My Full Moon one spot over is fine, though.

Several other larger trees (Oridono Niskiki, Nigrum, Jiro Shidare) look bad because the first flush of leaves got frozen, but didn't lose any branches on those.

I had 10+ two year old babies, all of which did fine and are coming on gangbusters. The Sazanami is about to eat my yard it's growing so quickly, lol.

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I lost a 10 year old Beni Kawa that was planted in a semi-protected location. From what I have seen online, Beni Kawa is not as hardy in Zone 5 as originally hoped.

I am planning on replacing it with A. palmatum 'Red Baron,' which is not as pretty but apparently hardier.

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