Laceleaf maple survival odds/help

OlychickApril 30, 2014

Hi, I recently had some extensive landscaping done and this maple (I've had it for 42 years - so it's probably 45-50 years old) was to be the crown in the jewel. The landscapers dug it and burlap wrapped the roots and replanted it. This was in January/feb this year. I am in the PNW, so it's been wet the whole time.

The tree needs shaping because of its former location, but their tree guy said to wait, that some of the bare branches may rejuvenate. When it started to leaf out, I was so happy, assuming it would survive and it did put out new growth on some bare branches.

Now, that new growth has shriveled and when I was planting beneath it yesterday, many leaves seemed to fall if they were touched. The soil is new and good drainage. It has been WET here in March, but now it's warming up and drying, but my soil is still moist.

Is there anything I can do to increase its chances of survival? It will get some midday sun, but is protected from most of the late afternoon sun. Should I place my patio umbrella to shade it from this little heat wave we are expecting?

Thanks for any hints or hope you can give me.

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A 40-50 y.o. JM will have a massive rootball, even if a smaller, weeping variety. No doubt there has been some damage/significant reduction to the root system and the dieback you are seeing is just reflective of that. Plus the fact that we got hit with that 1-2 punch of extreme cold in Feb. and extreme rain in March......just a little bit of shocker for any plant to endure, specially ones going through transplanting.

Just let it be for now and see how things shake out. The only suggestion is to make sure the little tree is adequately water when required by our weather conditions.

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Thank you gardengal. I knew I was just going to have to sweat it out to see if it survives...I was just so hopeful with the robust leafing.

Does anyone think I should shade it some from our intense sun for a while? (Or those days or two with intense sun before the clouds reemerge?) Not sure if the sun helps it or hurts it while it's trying to heal.

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LOL!! We live in WA state - we don't have intense sun, even in the middle of summer! Unless you moved it from a significantly shadier area and while the plant was in leaf, the sun will have no impact on its ability to settle in.

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Thanks! After our rainy, gray winter, I guess I was imagining maple shock from direct rays from the sun :) It does look a little better this week.

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