Pink beans for my 6 year old

deanriowa(4b)December 8, 2012

ok, my 6 year old daughter made me a list of vegetables she want me to grow next season, I told her she needs to help of course.

Now she said she wants pink snap beans, any ideas? I thought maybe Red Noodle yardlong.

I did a search on Google and she saw pruple snap beans and now she wants purple snap beans as well, so any recommend purple bush snap bean varieties?

I am just happy she is excited about next season's garden.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Dean I haven't grown these...yet:) so can't give any details other than the names but here's a couple your daughter might like, Tanya's Pink Pod or Red Peanut for the pink, maybe Purple Teepee for the purple. I think it's great she's showing an interest in growing things at her age.


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Thank you for the information, it does appear that Tanya's Pink Pod is going to be available in the SSE Yearbook, and while looking at the online Yearbook for Red Peanut, I found Red Swan which is described as Red/Pink, three good possibilities. I am wondering if anyone has grown any of the above pinkish snap beans for a recommendation?

I forgot I have Blue Coco pole bean seeds, so I could grow them for her purple, they are a good bean as well.

" I think it's great she's showing an interest in growing things at her age."

Yes, I am definitely going to encourage her interest in growing things.

thanks again,

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Red Swan is a bush bean. It might be a good choice for her, but please do some soil prep before planting them. I grew them this year in not-so-good soil and had a mediocre crop. They were a bit flimsy stemmed so I hilled dirt up around the stems to help them stay upright.


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hementia8(8 MS)

For purple bush I recomend Royal Burgandy
For purple pole I had good results with Purple Trionfo Violetto,and Violet Podded Stringless

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Royal Burgundy does look good for production. I was looking around and bush Purple Amazon looks good as well from the late Robert Lobitz.

It appears Red Swan is a Robert Lobitz creation as well.

Thank you for the ideas.


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I've got the bean for you, "Flamingo".

Blazing pink, wide, flat, long pods. My first release, from a selection of a natural cross of Jeminez.


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jimster(z7a MA)

Although it apparently is used as a shelly, and you are looking for a snap, scroll down on the thread linked below to see a really nice pink bean -- neon goose.


Here is a link that might be useful: Neon Goose

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