First class today

paste592(6bMD)September 14, 2004

Well, we had our first MG class today. The class was about 18-20 people, 2 of whom were male. Ages seemed to range from about 25 to 70. We had a little pre-test, sort of a "you'll know the answers to all these after the course" thingy. I was surprised how much of it I already knew, except for the term, "IPM" to which I cheerfully replied "beats me!" (I now know it's Integrated Pest Management.

Had a couple of hours of botany which were quite interesting. Got to razor apart a couple of seeds and examine them with a loupe, name the parts, etc.

We all introduced ourselves & told where our interests lie -- I was amazed to find one guy was there for turf grasses! Guess he'll stay awake for that class! (I've got to admit, to me a lawn is just a section of the yard that hasn't become a perennial bed ----- yet).

One woman works for one of the local nurseries that I haven't been very impressed with -- you know the kind : as long as you're looking for a petunia they're your shop! Maybe as she gains some knowledge they'll let her help order some good stuff.

The textbook is a 2-inch thick tome called the Maryland Master Gardener's Handbook, and it is really impressive, from what I looked at.

It was a nice class. Next class is on soils, and that's my #1 interest.


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Hi, Pat. When I took the course 5 years ago, I was impressed by the diversity in the students. They ranged from a professional landscape designer who wanted to learn more about plants to people who weren't sure how to plant the 6 pack of petunias they bought every year. We all had great fun and made new friends and learned a lot in the process. I can honestly say the whole MG experience has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.


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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)


Are you in Carroll County by any chance? I almost took the class last year but didn't want to ask for a week off from my new job. This year I was thrilled to see they are offering it on Tuesdays for 6 weeks, but I got called for jury duty the first 2 weeks and I didn't want to pay if I might have to miss the first 2 classes. Now I have to wait another whole year!! Sigh.

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I am indeed in Carroll, watergal. What a shame to have to miss it just for jury duty, when you may not have to serve on a jury on those days anyway. (I never get picked, as a retired lawyer myself).

I didn't know how often they're offered -- they did mention that previously it had been an intensive one-week course, instead of stretching it out to 9 weeks as this one is. This is much more convenient for me, and it seems to me it will be easier to absorb the info when stretched out.

I'm in Westminster, across from Hashawha (the good news is that it's beautiful with a Nature Preserve across the road -- bad news is that it's crawling with destructive wild life)


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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Well, the first Tuesday I didn't have to serve! There was a trial starting Monday - a man slipped and fell at a business and was suing. One of the questions put to the prospective jurors was if we had ever falled and injured ourselves on the job. I was working at a garden center this past spring and tripped over a lawnmower that had been left in the aisle of the back room and sliced open my foot. So I guess the lawyers didn't want me! One of my good friends happened to be called the same time. She got kicked out because she works with the daughter of the defendant. So we took our expense money and went out to lunch.

I'm in Westminster, near Wakefield Valley Golf Course.

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

Hey, Pat, I think I made a score of about 12 on that test. I think the highest score in the class was about 50. We still all laugh about that.

Enjoy, it's a great chance to make new friends. I have gained a lot of them in the 5 years I have been a MG.


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