white on black mulch

little_minnie(zone 4a)February 14, 2013

Has anyone ever used white on black mulch? I am ordering some for brassicas and lettuce plants and day neutral strawberries for sure. Fedco has it pretty cheap (compared to Territorial who has had it for a long time). But the place I am ordering the black plastic and drip tape also has it in 4000 foot rolls. So I am weighing whether I want to try it out at 500' or assume it is great and splurge on 4000'! Shipping bugs me so much so I keep thinking I should just get 4000 feet.

Also thought about using it for later planted corn, eggplant and hot peppers I plan to keep row cover on, and possibly jab seeder seeded cucs, peas and pole beans. Plain black plastic will be used on early planted corn, squash, melons, peppers not under row cover and similar plants, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

I am going to plant some of my summer and fall crops into white on black plastic. Last year I planted some later planted peppers on black and they had a very hard go of it.

Last July, I visited another large market grower. He raises strawberries and tomatoes. He uses white on black for each of his 4 or 5 plantings of 2,000 plants each. He plants his first succession planting in black, but even last year they were stunted some due to the heat. I talked to him this year and he is switching to white on black even for his first outdoor planting. I was very impressed to see his crops doing so well when it was so hot. I knew what mine looked like and his were not suffering as much!

I am going to buy a 4,000 foot roll from Berry Hill Irrigation for $120. Shipping and input costs are only going to go up and the plastic mulch will store just fine, that is why I am going to buy the big roll.


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little_minnie(zone 4a)

LOl. That is also what I am doing. I was trying to decide between 500' from Fedco or 4000 from Berry Hill. I am getting the black plastic from Berry Hill, along with drip tape and row cover.
Shipping up to me is higher priced though.
I was trying to find someone local to split half the roll with but it would be hard to unroll and reroll it to share. Those 4000' rolls are very heavy.

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Buy it from Nolt's Produce Supplies. Berry Hill has a lot more margin on what they sell. This is a commidity item. No need to over pay.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Oh I ended up ordering from Robert Marvel. They had white on black at 2400 feet and black at 4000 and row cover and drip tape with excellent prices. They sent it by freight and it came on a pallet! The driver helped me load it into my truck for dumping next to my field which was nice.

It is still too cold to plant and too wet to cultivate here so I will save the back pain for possibly next week.

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