Weeping Red JM

garp1April 30, 2007

I'm looking for a weeping red JM. I have a Tamuke yamu but i would prefer something with a little less purple and a little more red/orange.

I haven't seen orangeola in the midwest..sounds good but the pictures look purple. i know it color varies with season.

Perhaps garnet would be a good choice??

I'm interested in your thoughts. I've been through several websites pictures..helpful but i'd like to hear from those who have their own..etc

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Garnet is definitely more reddish-orange than Tamuke yama, Crimson Queen and most red dissectums. However, my Garnet greens up pretty early in the spring/summer. Apparently it needs a lot of sun to maintain its color longer. Mine is on the north side of my house and only gets direct sun for a few hours each day.

Red Dragon is also very red, rather than purple, but deeper in color than Garnet. It retains its color very well through the summer.

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j.d. vertrees' book praises 'red dragon' as a possible future standard by which red dissectums may be judged, rather than 'crimson queen'.
the book also rates 'brocade'("soft but deep red new growth with pleasing bronzing late in the season") and 'baldsmith'("light bright orange-red spring foliage" and "summer gives a multicolored appearance of greens, pinks and orange-reds") well for their seasonal colors.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Red dragon is an excellant choice hardy and nice it will green out as all JM's do if its a summer like last years but it is a bit better holding color than say CC I am not sold on Baldsmith mine did not fair well withy the freeze although that was an unusal occurance ...It just isn't very differnt IMHO not anything special ...Brocade is harder than heck to find ...don't know why but no one propagares it much it is similar to many others I just got one from Wildwoods http://www.wildwoodmaples.com they are about the only place that has 'em that will answe emails anyway that I could in good conscience recommend. Of the three the RD is probably your best choice and easy to find. David

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One more point about Garnet vs Red Dragon. Garnet apparently grows much faster and taller than other red dissectums. Mine easily has put on about 12-18" of new growth each year, much more than my Red Dragon or Crimson Queen. In 3 years, my Garnet has grown taller than the Crimson Queen I've had for 15 years.

In contrast, Red Dragon has been the slowest growing of my three dissectums. It has grown at most 6" per year, very little of that vertically.

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