Distilled water when doing a pH test

woohoomanSeptember 30, 2012

I've read that one has to use distilled water when doing a pH test --- can I just boil some tap water, let it cool and then do a test?


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Boiling water will kill the bacteria but will not make it distilled unless you capture the steam and condense it back to liquid. Al

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Thanks Al. Yeah, I thought the same thing after I posted. Rigged up my tea kettle to capture a tad of water and ran my tests. Disappointed in the test I got though. It looks like it worked, because I tried it on soil(7) and then on vinegar(4). What I don't like is the wide range of the test. 1 color means 4.0, then another color means 5.0 and so on. Was hoping it measured in tenths.

Didn't want to spend a fortune on something that's done so infrequently.

Anyhow, Thanks.


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