price for agretti

mbrown297(6b)February 3, 2011

I will be growing agretti for the first time this year to sell to restaurants in my area. I can't find any information on price for this vegetable. Does anyone out there have any experience growing and selling it?


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I have never grown it as it would not be a seller where I am, but I would probably price it the same as herbs or a artisan lettuce.
I use to sell a bag a leaf lettuce for $2, but I think I am going to try another way next time around.
I sell herbs for a few $'s a bunch. Hope this helps some.

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I have no idea how to price Agretti but I would like to know the Germination period. I have planted some seeds that I bought from a nursery in New Mexico. I have bought other seeds there like Cardoon, Escarole, Rapini, and they have always been great. However my Agretti has not yet appeared I planted it about a fortnight ago. I live on the central coast of California near the ocean but I have a green house. Has anyone here grown Agretti before?

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Well I had to google Agretti and I'm definitely intrigued. Now to find convince my local Italian seed importer to get some. I think chefs would snap that stuff up.

The internet does say germination is usually only %40 and viability is around 3 months. Worse than parsnips!

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albertine(z5b Idaho)

I tried it this spring, two plantings and got about 6 plants total. Found something online saying it was notorious for having a poor germination rate. When I was in New Mexico, I was staying on a place that had tons of tumbleweed, and found a reference saying that the young plants were edible and were sold in Italy under the name monks beards. it looks like they are a close relative of salsola, and they looked and tasted like them. I bet the germination rate is a little better with the tumbleweed! Not too sure about importing seed though.

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