My new red weeping japanese maple looks sick

kale_vidApril 17, 2010

I planted this japanese maple last June 2009 in my front yard in NJ. It was fine whole season last year. This spring it is showing lots of red leaves, flowers. But all leaves are looking sick. They are all wilted. There is no discoloration. But they are not strong. all are dangling. I sprayed an ortho fungicide on the plant 2 weeks ago. May be that was a mistake ? But that time too they looked all weak and dangling down. No strength. Please advise what I need to do to save this tree? Thanks it is now 4 feet tall in front yard.

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When the leaves first emerge they will look droppy. They do
"dangle" when the first bud out. Give it more time to see
if it doesn't start to harden off. Don't spray with the
fungicide. Good luck.

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Please tell me if my tree is healthy. Thanks all for your help in advance. Thx Carolyn.

Here is a link that might be useful: overall tree

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It is difficult to tell by the photo. Have you checked to
make sure it is not too wet or planted too deep. I do know
that Japanese Maples must have good drainage. I wish I could
be more help.

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