Please Identify Japanese Maple in Gallery

linanm(z10 So. Calif.)April 27, 2007

Hi all, I posted two pictures in the gallery of a Japanese maple. I bought it without a tag and would like to know which one it is. Thank you for your help, Linda

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From your photos, your tree looks like one of Japanese maple varieties that leaf out with very bright red leaves that then turn green, such as Shin deshojo or Beni maiko. From the photos, it looks more like Beni maiko to me because the green leaves are so bright. The green leaves on my Shin deshojo are more olive green in color than bright green.

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tnemeth888(NE Ohio)

I agree with looks very much like a Beni Maiko or a Shin Deshojo. How much sun is it getting?

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krazy_karma(z8a WA)

I would love to see your tree, too. I went to the gallery, but now how do I find YOUR picture?

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linanm(z10 So. Calif.)

Thank you for the responses, it does seem to look like the ones you mentioned. I will post another of the tree, it isn't very big. Karma, To look at the picture in the gallery, it is the first two posts (right now anyway) under linanm, just click on the link to photo after opening.

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krazy_karma(z8a WA)


I can't even find THAT. I go to the gallery, and there isn't a place to find a post. I typed Japanese Maple in the gallery search, and only one post came up. It isn't yours.

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krazy karma, just back out of this post and look at the top of the listings of postings of this forum. You'll see a heading "ON TOPIC DSSCUSSIONS" and next to it in smaller type, "Gallery". If you click on this with your mouse, it will direct you to the photo gallery for this forum (although it is perfectly acceptable to post photos in the discussions as well) and you will located linanm's pics.

Unfortunately I have no enlightenment as to the ID :-) I'm not sure it is either Beni Maiko or Shindeshojo as my experience with both of these is that the incredibly red spring growth remains intact until quite a bit later in the season before changing gradually to green. Both of mine are in full leaf of the moment and neither has anything close to green on it. I guess it maybe quite likely that they could color up differently in SoCal's different climate, though.

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