Crimson Queen

kendal(8 PNW)April 3, 2008

I need to move my CQ, so I was hoping someone here can tell me just how much rootball I need and how to go about making it as easy as it can be. I plan on putting it into a big planter/box or something that will hold it safely until I can decide where to put it in the ground, if I do. I may keep it in a planter and eventually train it into a large Bonsai. I was hoping to trade some of my other trees in exchange for helping me move it but so far no takers and they are going to be moving the house as soon as they get a permit; meaning I don't have much time left, maybe a week if I am lucky. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. In the link I have 2 albums with pictures of it as it is now and when it is has it's full leaf spread.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Garden and tree's

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I have a Crimson Queen that I've moved several times. The last time I moved it, it was about the same size as yours and it did fine. The best time to move trees is while they are dormant in late fall or the dead of winter. Now is kind of late to be doing it, unless your tree is still fully dormant. Mine (in NC) are already leafing out.

Include as much of the root ball as possible when moving, and try not to disturb the roots any more than necessary. Dig a large hole where you intend to move it, and plant at the same level as before (allowing for some settling). Mulch it well and keep it watered during the first year during any dry spells.

If you can wait until next fall to move, then go ahead and root prune it now at the size of the root ball you intend to keep. Prune again in the same location later in the summer, and you would be good to go next fall or winter.

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kendal(8 PNW)

Well it's been moved, and I have it in a temporary planter made up of Windsor rock until I decide what to do with it, she is doing great and the leaves are coming in fine. I used transplant fertilizer that I got from a nursery. I knew these babies were costly, but when I inquired about a price for a similar tree that has about a foot less spread then mine I knew I'd croak if the CQ died, then I laughed as someone offered me $140, and another person $300.

I put a couple new pictures in now that she is leafing out and a close up of the leaves. Thanks for your help dawgie!

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Unfortunately, root pruning can sometimes be more detrimental than beneficial. Like many other time-honored horticultural practices, root-pruning sounds very desirable in print or without a thorough evaluation. It is virtually impossible, at the present time, to evaluate the degree of recovery of energy levels in the plant following root pruning...

...with the multitude of factors involved, both internally in the plant and environmentally, the likelihood of striking the right combination is challenging. At this point root pruning may be one of those techniques that is best to talk about rather than practice

--Whitcomb, Establishment and Maintenance of Landscape Plants (1987 (1991), Lacebark Inc., Stillwater)

Here is a link that might be useful: Establishment and Maintenance of Landscape Plants II

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