Things to watch for from the deep freeze of 07

myersphcf(z6a IL)April 26, 2007

I was gonna put this in "wholesale slaughter" ...but the name is depressing me and its TOO LONG now.

I have noticed on a couple of plants that tend to revert Koto ito komachi and Beni komachi the areas that had reverted are really doing their thing and the good non reverted parts are taking a back seat and more reversion is happening ( both plabnts faired well from freeze but the revertyed parts the best ;>) ). If like me you have newer plants and were planing on cutting out the reverted parts this year you may have trouble having much left over afterwards ...I am gonna wait and hope the non reverted branches take off and I can get the reversion cut out keep an eye out may not be the same for everyone but I can tell you it is for me a problem. David

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thistle5(z7 VA)

This is sort of related, I got a beautiful Asahi Zuru last year, planted in the front on the edge of my yard. It gets more sun than it probably should, & the variegation has reverted. It's growing well, but should I try & move it to a more shaded location-would the variegation return?

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

It is possible... but it is said in general variegation is more evident the worse the soil is ...and I have seem some evidence that stress can increase variegation since several of such plants are showing alot of extreeme vareigation since the freeze just like poor soil would do...those that weren't highly directly effected ) ie: de-leafed that is ;>). coincidentally..I was just reading about your tree in Vertrees book this morn he states the white is most often on only smaller leaves larger ones just green and new leaves have red/pink that turns white with time.He also says afternoon shade but only to stop the white areas from burning... I don't think this tree reverts and it could just be this weird year or it could get more variegated as the year goes on. David

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terri_ks(z5 KS)

Sort of related. Post freeze report. I notice branches are turning black on my bloodgood at all points where branches intersect on top 1/2 of tree. Looking toward the future, if I do end up with the top half of my 8 foot tree gone is there anyway to prune this out and end up with an acceptable looking tree or is it best to replant.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Likely won't be typical looking in the short run but BG's grow fast even in your area i think with time you may have an interesting tree ...just like people all trees do not need to look like each other and in my opinion shouldn't trying to have "perfect" trees is a recepite for insanity or a sign of such ;>000... having a differnt looking one is no big deal and it may look really interesting... I'd keep it and play with it ...if after a couple of years you arn't comfortable with it's looks take it out... celibrate diversity ;>) david

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terri_ks(z5 KS)

Now that is a positive attitude! I went to a lecture on Japanese gardening last night that Ben Oki the curator of the bonsai collection at the botonical gardens in San Marino was at. Maybe I should think Bonsai! LOL.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Thats what my wife said when I related your story to her she thought it may look good "bonzaid"...not such a bad idea at least it may look like a bonzai even though i'd keep it in the ground if you have been reading the GW threads on digging up older JMs I would not suggest trying to actually pot it !! You can tell folks you buried the pot :>) David

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