Orido Nishiki totally green - boo-hoo

suel41452April 12, 2008

I purchased a beautiful, totally variegated 2 yr. old Orido Nishiki in spring 2006 from World Plants.

Alas, the lengthy 20-some degree cold snap of spring 2007 killed all the first leaves, and the re-sprouted leaves were totally green. It's grown to 2 1/2 feet, & looks healthy; but again this spring, all the leaves are totally green. Is there any way to bring back the variegation? I'm guessing not.

Anyway, if not, are there any similarly variegated J.M.s that are not prone to this kind of reverting? We often have cold snaps in April, tho not as bad as 2006's. Would protection have prevented this in 2006? if so, what kind is best? Sue

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Oops, my bad, I meant the cold snap in 2007

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I wouldn't give up on the Oridono nishiki... I persoanlly don't think it is a reversion ...you may have it in too rich of soil ... and/or it may grow out of it ... The Oridono is not a solid vareigated tree ever ...with some branches and leaves with more or less vareigation ( IN my experience) I personally like that surprise look of differnt amounts of vareigation ..I think it gives it a unique look. It is one of my fav. trees ...it has very 'purdy' winter color orange red and yellow branches ...is a fast grower and VERY hardy ... a late leafer and can take sun much better than other such cultivars..A perfect tree foor northeners. I rate it an A+ a great tree for beginners and experts alike ... Maybe your tree will nwever show it's true colors Im don't think anyone can say for sure ...but I would seriously look at over fertalization as the chief cause...Mine was hit by the cold snap too ( likely not nearkly as badly as yours since it wasbn't as far along) and had some damage but much of the seconday leaves had some variegation. If it were mine I would possibly containerize it and control how fertile your medium is... it wouldn't hurt and it is not that big..David

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David - Sounds like a good plan! I'll follow your advice. I'm also going to buy another - but a new graft this time & put them both in containers for a while. Thanx!! Sue

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The colors on mine, especially pinks, are more prominent on leaves located furtherest down the trunk. Mine also has a weeping tendency and it is hanging down into variegated (yellow-lite green) vinca ground cover. It is almost camouflaged in this location. Stands out when the colors turn in the Fall though. I agree that this is one of the really nice variegated JMs.

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I spoke too soon - since I've never seen an O.N. tree leaf out normally (last year's frosts killed the first set of leaves before they ever really began to open well). Low and behold some of the opening leaves are gradually showing variegation in places!! I guess I'll leave this one be for now (anyway I wasn't going to uproot it until fall dormancy). I'm still going to get another baby O.N. and grow it in a pot on my patio - I really love this tree! Sue

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Mine is all green so far as well. No spring frost issues 07 or 08. No chem fertilizers either. Leafing out with lots of vigor but every leaf is green so far. Last spring had good color but don't recall if there were pinks and creams when buds first popped. Can't help but keep an eye on it.

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ron48(z6 Mass. Essex)

My tree developed its color later on when it warmed up. I never used fertilizer on it, just a bark mulch.

Several times I grafted the best branches, It didn't mater, they do what they want when they want.

I think the best examples I grew had the least attention given to them.

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