Soy beans

calm1(6)December 28, 2012

Hello all,
Please tell me about growing soy beans. I'm in zone 6. Curious as to when to plant & when they would be finished.
The big reason for the question is the spot I have in mind for them is where I put cole crops at the end of summer. Thing is that spot is wasted space all spring & most of the summer, Gotta grow something there.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Ed, I'm not sure soybeans would be the best choice for that application. The soil needs to be completely warm before soybeans can be planted (around June 1st here) and even the early edamame varieties (like "Envy" or "Agate") wouldn't be ready until at least August... and longer than that if you intend to save dry seed. It depends, I suppose, on when you plant cole crops in your area... and whether you direct seed early, or use transplants late. Peas would probably be a better choice for succession planting, since they would be out by July or so.

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Thanks zeedman,
Our peas die off as soon as it gets hot, end of June at the latest. All the cole crops are raised from seed in the basement, can't begin to put them outside until the very end of Aug. or first of Sept, otherwise they bolt. I guess part of me is thinking tons of soybeans growing even If I don't get a huge harvest is good for the soil. Had to ask the question to begin with because my wife just saw how great soybeans are on Dr.Oz. Your thoughts-advice?

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Hello, we grew Hokkaido black soy this summer here in zone 7a at SLC didn't plant until late June it was a beautiful trouble free crop. This cultivar is reputed to be superior as an edamame. I can't say for sure that they are as we harvested all as dry beans. We harvested the first weekend in October They cook up nicely but threshing them is an awful lot like work. I would think if you harvested early as edamame you'd have plenty of time to plant cabbages. We didn't inoculate and I wish we had they seemed to thrive but the roots didn't have many visible nitro nodes. So I'd say inoculate ,harvest green and enjoy.

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Anyone got a good cheap source for edamame seeds?
Going for the whole pod not the dried bean harvest.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Ed, it sounds like you warm up a bit earlier than I do; and since you won't put in your transplants until September, you should be able to harvest edamame soybeans by then. If you can plant the soybeans before June, any variety would work... but I would still recommend that you use an early or mid-season variety.

Regardless of which variety you choose, cut the stems off at the ground during harvest, leaving the roots. The nitrogen they release as the roots break down will feed the transplants.

Many seed companies carry edamame soybeans, but most have only one or two. These carry two or more:
Seed Savers Exchange
Peace Seeds
For early varieties, I recommend "Agate" (SSE), "Cha Kura Kake" (Peace) and "Midori Giant" (Territorial). The later main-season varieties tend to have larger seeds & heavier yields; I would recommend "Sayamusume" (Territorial), "Shirofumi" (SSE), "Oosodefuri" (Peace) or "Butterbean" (sold by Johnny's).

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hementia8(8 MS)

In previous years I had trouble with rabbits and mice eating the sprouts as soon as they came up
This year I am trying Moon Cafe a climber I received from SESE
Has anyone grown it and how well did it perform

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