Cold snap in VA :-(

wwangatwork(7a, VA)April 15, 2008

This cold snap with frost at night is being brutal on my newly leafed out JMs :-( Anyone else noticing problems?


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North Carolina is going to get hit with patchy frost tonight, and tomorrow night, with patchy frost and I am also worried about my maples. I find when I cover them up I do more damage, and since I potted them up they are too heavy to move so I guess I am going to hope for the best...they are fully leafed. Wishing you the best from NC. -Ivy

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My look kind of sad but just as the buds started opening, they were blasted with powerful rain and winds so I think that is the main cause. I think they will recover ok. We haven't had anything below 32F here since bud break though, maybe you have?

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