Dead Buds

acercon3(UK 8b)April 19, 2007

I have containerised garnet and seiryu maples and for consecutive seasons it would appear that a significant proportion of buds on each plant will not open.

These buds turn brown and die.

In the case of the seiryu the problem is particulary with terminal buds but not confined to .

After experiencing this last season I eventually cut off the dead branch parts. If I have to carry out a similar procedure I will begin to have plants that look stunted.

What causes this and is there anything that I can do to resolve the problem?

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I have seen similar occurences quite often (although I'm not sure of the extent compared to yours) on several 'seiryu'. Sometimes the late summer growth is vigorous to the point that the terminal shoots do not have time to harden off before winter.

If there is a significant percentage of dead branches (say over 15 percent of the terminal shoots), you may have a more serious problem and we would likely need more information to help you out.

TBH we could really use some pictures and information about the growing conditions to narrow down the possibilties of what it could be.

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acercon3(UK 8b)

Hi mattlwfowler

I posted a pic in the gallery , sorry about the quality.

I had very little 2 nd growth last year and after looking at the plant today I can say that there is a significant occurrence of dead buds.

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