Opinions - Autumn Blaze vs. October Glory

jskeyes2(Z10 San Diego)April 18, 2007

Hello - I am looking to plant a large maple tree. I want a fast growing tree with good fall color.

I have narrowed it down to the Autumn Blaze and the October Glory, but leaning toward the Autumn Blaze since I have read here and there that it might be a little faster growing that October Glory, and might have a little brigher color?

Any opinions?

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Not sure about the color as it is so dependent on environmental conditions, but yes I would say it should grow a bit faster.

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carterobrien(5, Chicago)

the Autumn Blaze is a silver maple hybrid, and will grow MUCH faster - my father and I planted a similar sized Autumn Blaze and Red Sunset (comparable to October Glory) and in 4 years the Autumn Blaze is twice the size.

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terri_ks(z5 KS)

I have several October Glory and my neighbor has several Autumn Blaze. They are all planted fairly close together in our back yards. The Autumn blaze are growing faster, but the thing I do not like about them is that when they turn color in the fall(darker red than mine), they drop the leaves right away so you can not even enjoy the color change. My October Glory are a brighter red and put on a longer show.

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