12 - 17 inches of rain???

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)June 9, 2012

Well, I knew it was raining a lot. And I took a few pictures of a few containers which were about 16 to 18 inches deep, and they were full. I thought it would never stop. But then, I did not have to get out in it like I did once when it rained 15 inches and I drove to work in it.

Would you say "gully washer" or "frog strangler" or "raining cats and dogs?"

I know it started some time yesterday to pour, and I suppose it continued all last night and most of the day. I went out once to take a picture of some plantaginea green babies, and sank into the muddy grass over the top of my feet. Eeewwww!!!

So here we go:

Birds hungry at the all night/day diner partly sheltered

Pot has a hole in bottom, so some rain slowly trickled out I guess

Part of a new overflow fountain had a waterfall flowing out the side...Just about 10 inches deep here

And this plastic soft bucket sitting in the middle of the open area of the driveway, holding down the tarp covering my load of soil and bark, it is 18 inches deep...

guess the water is that deep almost. We live between the bay and the river, at the edge of the river delta and at 22 feet elevation we are the highest land around.

Won't be watering anything tomorrow. :)

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Lemme see, if all of the other Hosta zones grabbed an inch of it, wouldn't we all be happy?


You WOULD share, eh?

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Of course, HH, my cup runneth over...... :)

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Babka NorCal 9b

We only get about 9-12" in a whole year here. Yipes!!!
Stand back and watch the hostas grow.


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

She is sharing ... my way! I to have gotten an abundance of rain and the hostas are loving it. I use a free draining soil mix in my pots and so far all is good. Second flush is on here in full force. I am so excited. Have a great grow day, Paula

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I wish you would send at least 1 inch with no hail/ storms to St. Louis. I am tired of watering flowers/grass. I dont think we got an inch this month or last month.

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bernd ny zone5

I read in the Hosta Journal that hostas look for 70 inches of rain in a growing season, so they got around 20% in one night. The creeks in your neighborhood must look good now, I like to look at fast water around rocks. Any alligators between your hostas now?

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bkay2000(8a TX)

We had a day with about 5" last week. The thing I noticed especially is that Ann Kulpa was standing more upright, and she's always been kind of flat. I think it finally washed most of the honeydew from the aphids.


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It rained again all night, and stopped for a while. I went out to check on things, and a big limb from the neighbor's rotten sweetgum tree (they rot from the inside) had fallen across my fence, and was hanging like a tent over some of the hosta containers.

I moved all of those, with muck over my foots, and started nibbling away at the big branch. Once I get it light and short on MY side, I'll let it drop back into their yard. I sure cannot drag that 6 inch diameter--or more, I cannot see the end size where it broke--into my yard. I doubt they will even see it since no yard work done there to keep shrubbery in bounds. As long as it stays over THERE, I don't care. Overgrowth gives me a bit more shade. Just no rotten limbs falling on my hosta please.

The forecast calls for t-storms thru Friday, don't know the weather afterward. But high humidity, it felt like 200% when I was outside. Like a goldfish, breathing underwater, sweat in my eyes, salty, blinding sweat.

The sun is out at this moment, but really high cumulonimbus clouds are moving around in the unsettled winds.

Incidentally, I had to lay boards on the ground to have a place to stand while I lopped and chopped and sawed the small branches off the big fallen piece of sweetgum tree.
But trash day is tomorrow, if I can get it hauled to the street before morning.

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Maybe you should get a rowboat just in case...


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