WANTED: round robin anyone?

lilyroseviolet(Maine 4and 5)May 10, 2005

I would like to start a round robin call it the Maineiac robin. I'll start it and mail it to the first person who signs up, they will take out of it what if not all of the contents and replace with new seed packets or equal to. collected seed would be great, store bought is fine. Then they will mail it to the next person who signed up- it eventually gets back to me by the last person.

I would like this to take flight by June 1 and be completed By June 30th unless it is so large it take s all summer. lol

SO anyone up for this?

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maine_gardener(Z 5 Me)

I would be interetsed in a plant round robin.But I'm not really interested in seeds.

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I've never done this before, but it sounds like fun. I have quite a few seeds I bought through various sources this year that I haven't had time to plant. So, sign me up!

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lilyroseviolet(Maine 4and 5)

this one will be seeds and I'll start another one for plants. Try to update your trade lists for others review, thanks all.

Yippeee!!!! Great to have you anahmi. I will wait until May 1 to send out the package, please email me your address where I may send the robin to. If by May 1 there are others I will try to get all the addresses in the box on index cards so that you can send the package out to the proper person and then hopefully the last person will send the robin back home! Yippeee....I better start filling that box and getting it ready!

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lilyroseviolet(Maine 4and 5)

taking sign ups now for a june flight not may, sorry typo error in the last post.

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lilyroseviolet(Maine 4and 5)

I'll start a new thread on this one- it seems abit confusing. I'll call it the "Maineiac Seed Round Robin".
catch you on the flip side!

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