Can I save my Crimson Queen

hacked_up_queenApril 30, 2007

We had a 5 gallon Crimson Queen that we planted 2 years ago. Hired a guy to rototil to make our beds bigger, and somehow (didn't see it happen) the tiller jumped and hacked my beautiful maple to shreds... :,-(

I have branches from it in water, and was looking for advice (can I get cuttings to root, if I need to graft onto which plants...) on any hope of saving some of what was the favorite (and most expensive) plant in our landscape!!

Please Help!!

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Wow that is terrible. That is definetely a first for me.

You may be able to get something to root...but the success rate is very slim unless the conditions are very good. And this is about the worst time to do it as midsummer or winter would probably be better.

Grafting would be a better choice, but a seedling tree would likely be needed (or the existing tree if anything is left: I'm a bit confused as too how much was damaged) This would also probably have at best a 75 percent chance of success this time of year.

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Thanks, I don't think there is enough of our tree left to try and graft, it's sawed off about 4 inches off the ground, I added a little fertilizer around the stump last night to see if it had the energy to send up a couple shoots, but if the original tree was grafted it might be too low... Do you have a suggestion for what seedling to try to graft it too?? I have taken 5 separate pieces (25% sucess rate gives me a little hope...) to try and root, but could also give a graft a shot... I haven't ever tried grafting before, so advice on best practice would be a help!!

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