HAVE: plant and seed trade Sat. Feb 12 and Sat March 12, 2005 on

gardengardengardengaOctober 25, 2004

I would like to hold two swaps

The first one on Saturday February 12, 2005

The second one on Saturday March 12, 2005

This will be an all day event for both dates.

The place is on Mount Desert Island

in the town of West Tremont ( 3.7 miles south of Southwest Harbor or on the other side of the island from where Martha lives).

Lunch and refreshments will be provided for all traders onthe day of the Swaps.

I am placing no limits on what can be traded as to open up for creativity and fun. Seeds, plants, bulbs, bare-roots, and etc.,

All trades will be final and are the responsibility of the traders.

Tables and booths will be provided as well as enclosed shelter.

There will be an area for help yourself swapping. You may exchange and trade from an area as you please, more a come and go area. Others may want to have booths and visit with fellow traders and discuss fair trades and ideas. What ever it will start at 7:00 am and go till 3:00pm.

More details to be provided as dates get closer.

If you care the themes will be valentines day and st paddys day! Remember it is the Saturday prior to Valentines Day and the Saturday prior to St Patricks Day.

I will be there and I hope all our garden webbers will take the time to plan to be there ,too! Besides it will be great meeting each other. ( I will have name tags available for participants to wear :))

So be there and bring your family and friends,too.

So get prepared and ready for these swaps.

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I stand before an empty audience? Heeellllooooooo out there....

I was thinking about a one hour speaker or guest. (Starting at noon during lunch being served. I think it should be on something appropriate like seed saving techniques or methods of mailing live plants, explaining methods for sowing seeds and working with seedlings to mature plant and also methods of maintenance. Basic life cycle of plant and other info of interest. I am thinking about this being the topic for discussion. I could pitch and then run and hit the ball run to first and get myself embarrassed by attempting such diverse feats. So, Iam really hoping that those attending may be comfortable enough to share ideas opening on these topics.

I think it will be a success nonetheless.

Ideally the line up of speakers should be......???

Open discussion is encouraged.

So expect my updates starting back again in January. In the mean time I will be lurking and my email will be notifying me if there is any posting ( as posting do when one starts up one and posting are added)and I will attempt to reply but will be responding better in January!

Cheers and I wish everyone a Safe and Joyous Winter!
See ya all next year in 2005!


In the mean time....get some trading material ready.

I hope for a great turn out. And yes, suggestions in efforts to create smooth transitions with trades and communications is always welcomed.

If I get a lot of interest I may rent space at my local elementry school gymnasium, however, If the group is under 50 there is indoor space available to accomidate what ever.

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I plan on inviting the public to this event including the local garden clubs.

I will be working on packing some collected seed this evening. Please lable well as always. :)

Cheers Sue

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The swap is still on. I am in the middle of wreath season and family events....to update in January!

stay warm and safe

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The swap is still on and I am hoping to meet and trade with other Maine gardeners and meet Maines garden webbers.

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geez...no replies or interest it seems? I think I'll have the seed swap at my home and not worry about renting the elementry school's gym for that Saturday...who ever shows up I'll have munchies and hot drinks, I
will have my seeds ready for trade if anyone is interested.


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