J. Maples seeds dropping in April.

ArriellaApril 19, 2012

Hi all,

I have been seeing that my Japanese maples seeds are dropping now in april. They are not at all dry. All are from this year. Some are green, most are green and red. The red maples have red seeds. I have gathered most off the trees before they fell. Have I gathered them to soon? I have noticed for years, that I have no seeds on any of my 32 different J. maples in the fall. Only in the spring do I see the flowers then seeds form. By the end of May they are all gone. I live 54 miles out of San Francisco. Can my location make any difference? I do have seedlings under my large 20 foot acer every year. I wait till they are 2 years old then dig them up and pot them.

(Mr.Shep) I do sell a few of the best trees that are 4 to 7 years old. All are non-grafted, with healthy root systems. Most of them I plant around our ugly town, trying to make it look a bit better. It is my biggest challange. Out of 50 or so trees only 3 have died.

I would like to start the seeds from my other acers to get more variety. My town hall needs it bad.

Can I use the seeds I have gathered already? Are they to immature to sprout? Will it help if I use a screen to dry them out?

For exsample my ko no ito was covered in seeds just starting to fall, so I took them off.

Do yo think they will sprout?

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Questions answerd. Thank you.

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