Japanese Maple Bloodgood, Questions????

Jcdaniels2April 28, 2013

Ok well I bought these sprouts online and they will be my first ever tree, one of them I will let them grow naturally and the other I shall bonsai it :D, Some questions wanted to ask,

First How many times should I water the sprouts

Second How much sun do they need, What I mean is how long should they be in the sun

Third Can it be too cold for them because right now it is 69F
Im sure that's perfect for them,

I just want to make sure I grow them right so they wont die because I know they can be hard to grow,

We had a one bloodgood out in the yard that was close or was 4 feet tall and for some reason IDK Y but it didn't survive the winter?? but Just as spring showed up, three more bloodgoods popped out of the ground where the old one died so Im trying to take care of them.

Also Do I need to move the three sprouts or will they grow just fine together, don't want them to be crowded

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First, your 'sprouts' or any seedling grown Japanese maple cannot be a named form like 'Bloodgood'. Named forms can only be propagated asexually, by grafting (most common) or cuttings (much less common and harder to do). Seed grown Japanese maples are just examples of the species, Acer palmatum. Period. These can be very variable in leaf color and shape, sometimes looking very much like the parent tree and othertimes not at all.

I can't tell you how much or how often to water but you want the soil to stay just moist - not wet and not too dry. You should have some drainage holes in the bottom of those cups :-) And in zone 8, it is never too cold for Japanese maples unless you are trying to grow babies like these in those cups outdoors over winter. It is best if you have one seedling/sprout per cup........once they reach about 6-8 inches tall, you should repot them in a larger pot with good potting soil. This time next year you can plant in the ground.

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Thanks so much, you have answered all I needed to know and you taught me somethings too lol

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