Tamukeyama behaving wierd

cathy0429(7a)April 14, 2010

So about 10 days ago, the weather started getting really nice in these parts...high 80s. All of a sudden, our Tamukeyama which we installed last year, put out much new growth. Out came beautiful buds and opening into tiny leaflets, and all. Suddenly it turned cold for a couple of days, then back to warm again.

However, the Tamukeyama leaves seem to be frozen in time. They are not plumping up anymore and are dropping downwards. I am pretty sure this is not their original size. Also, no more new buds, so the tree is so thin-looking.

Any idea why it would do this? We watered every alternate day last week, but decide to hold off this week suspecting over watering. I hope we didnt over water it.

Any suggestions to improve the Tamukeyama and get it back on track. Its located in the East-South-East of the house, so it gets direct sun until about 1pm.

I will post pics this evening.

Thanks much all.


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

New spring growth of Japanese maple cultivars is often frost-sensitive.

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jaa52(6 MA)

I have a JP Tamukeyama, It has been in the grden going on 4 years. This years as of April all the branches have what I beive are no buds or leaves. There is one new branch growing from the bottom of the tree with green leaves on it so I can assume the tree is not dead? Should I wait awhile and see if it buds, if not do I cut out all the dead branches?

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So I spoke with a horticulturalist at the nursery I bought the tamukeyama from. He said that it sounded like the plant was stressed due to underwatering, since we had a few over 80degree days that week. He suggested watering the plant, every alternate day at the rate of 3gallons in 2mins, and it should take care of the plant.

Did that on day 1, and on day 3 the plant was already looking better. Have continued that routine, but doesnt seem like the plant is doing that much better. Sure the leaves have grown plumper, and the tree looks denser, but not quite last years state yet.

Do I just have a lazy tree?

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