Experience with corn gluten meal?

berry-nut(4b-SouthWestWI)February 13, 2009

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone has experience using corn gluten meal as a pre emergent? I have read alot on the net but it is nice to hear real testamonials. I am interested to know if it will work on strawberries or if it might mess with the runners.

Thanks in advance


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I was given a sample bag a few years ago. I could see no
benefit for weed control. I would rate it a 0 or less .
It attracted ants by the millions and may have even had a
fertilizer effect on the weeds.

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thosedarnsqurls(Up-State NY 5)

Hi Jake.

I used it one year in my veggie garden, as I try to be chemical free in there, at least.

I found it was only good short term. (Like real short term. A couple of weeks at best) and I had to keep re-applying.

For my strawberries I just weed the bed real good in spring and immediately put down a nice thick layer of mulch. If you want to skip the weeding part,.few layers thick of newspaper and mulch on top of that works, too.


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Thanks for the quick response!
Bud, I have read that if applied after seeds germinate it indeed helps them as cgm is 10% nitrogen, so in fact anything growing will be fertilized. Dawn, we do the weeding often and I was just hoping to find something less time intensive. What I found online is that you need to lay down 30-40 lbs per 1000 ft and to apply it every 4 weeks or more often if it rains.
I appreciate your thoughts

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Use it if you must, but anything else would be more effective
and last longer.

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