Your favorite seed catalog?

lilyroseviolet(Maine 4and 5)January 30, 2005

I really like select seeds, johnny seeds, botanical interests, fedco, pine tree and swaping seeds.

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Same as you have listed, except I have never tried FEDCO, but always go to their booth at Common Ground every fall. I also know a fella at work who orders from them every spring and goes to the warehouse to pick his stuff up. Botanical Interests is a catalog?


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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

I like Pinetree, mostly because of their prices + low shipping. I do order some from Johnny's, but it's always sticker shock just ordering a few pkts + shipping.

For flowers, I like Thompson & Morgan, they have a lot of varieties you don't find too often over here (they're from England).

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lilyroseviolet(Maine 4and 5)

I adore T & M as well.
Botanical Interests is out of Boulder, Colorado. The same zone as I am. The seeds are from ENgland as well.

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Fedco. I drive down and pick up our order. It's an annual event.

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maineman(z5a ME)

All of the above, but I really like Burpee's and Park's and Stoke's as my top three, not sure which order. Harris is worth a look, too. And Territorial has great cultural instructions as well as seeds and stuff. I always over-buy on seeds. I still have some left over from last year. Got to make the garden bigger.


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lilyroseviolet(Maine 4and 5)

I hear you MM. I will be increasing my garden by twice for my veggies. I am professionally experienced/trained as an ornamental grower/gardener and have now focus on veggies as a challenge to include.

I want to include raised beds this year and grow patatoes in straw on the grass lawn this year. ( something I have only seen and havent tried yet) I am using the patatoe gardens for garlic this year.

And yes, I too have lots of left over seed from last year,too.

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I ordered my seeds from Johnny's online Tuesday because I was submitting my plant order to Hedgehog Hill, and I like to do the first wave at the same time. My seeds were delivered today. I guess they have time on their hands down to Johnny's! Small order, Just my edamame and the clarkias. I have barely begun to shop! :)

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tomchristopher71(z3 ME)

Last year, I ordered from Michigan bulb and this year, I'm ordering from Johnny's Seeds and Burpees. Is Fedco the company that is in the Waterville area?

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leonessa(Z5 ME)

I had great results from Park's Seeds last year, and have ordered from them again this year.

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Veilchen.... Would you mind sharing some of the plants from Thompson & Morgan; that you've had luck with here in Maine? I would appreicate it, Thank you in advance...

Be safe!

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AmandaAlna(z4 ME)

I use Baker Creek for my veggies. They're an heirloom company and sell all but one (Sungold) of my favorites. For everything else I use Gardens North, just because everything they sell grows well in Maine, but looks extremely exotic. Plus, they're a Canadian company, so they're pretty cheap.

Here is a link that might be useful: Baker Creek Seed Co.

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elaine_maine(5 ME)

Free shipping at Lonnie's bulk seeds. (Online only)I was a bit disappointed in the skimpy amount T&M ship, but they do have a gorgeous catalog. I also like Select Seeds.

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tmcclure(z5 Maine)

I order form Johnny's Select Seeds. They are a Maine company and offer advise on growing in Maine.

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maineman(z5a ME)


The seed catalog that Johnny's Select Seeds sent me was their small 49-page version. At the time I received it, I didn't realize they had bigger versions. My little catalog listed only three watermelons this year: Festival, Sunshine, and New Orchid. All three are F1 hybrids.

We live in Manchester and since our local Longfellow's Greenhouse has Johnny's seed racks, we went there to purchase all three of those F1 watermelons. To my amazement, Longfellows didn't have any of those three varieties, but they did have three other varieties of Johnny's watermelons. One was Sweet Favorite, which I purchased. I don't recall the other two but I think one of them was Sorbet Swirl.

But obviously the 49-page catalog that Johnny's sent me was not a good guide to their seeds. A few weeks later my wife and I happened to be with my daughter and grandaughter on a shopping trip to Waterville and my daughter mentioned that Johnny's Seeds was nearby, so we realized we could save shipping charges on a Johnny's seed order by just stopping by their catalog store. That's when I discovered they had a 129-page Home Garden Catalog and a 153-page Commercial Catalog, both of which I picked up. We bought seeds that day and even more seeds on a subsequent trip. I enjoy shopping in their catalog store.

If I had known about these large catalogs I would have listed Johnny's Selected Seeds among my favorite catalogs in my first message in this thread. I will be shopping from their big catalogs again next year and, weather permitting, visiting their catalog store for my actual purchases. It's about an hour's drive from where we live and we are in Waterville from time to time anyway.


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